Thursday, 14 September 2017

The French invasion of Germany in 1939


I am very ashamed that I had forgotten about the French invasion of Germany in September 1939, till I read about it here. One German strategist thought that had the French continued they could have defeated Germany. How different the world would be now had they done so.

Eastern Europe would, in many ways, resemble Western Europe, France would be the dominant power in Europe, America would not interfere in the affairs of the Eastern

hemisphere, the colonial empires would have existed much longer and might perhaps still exist. Tens of millions of lives would have been saved. Germany would not have invaded Russia, thus giving Soviet communism a glamour in the eyes of Western intellectuals that it still partly retains. The world would not have swung towards socialism. The Holocaust would not have happened and post-war intellectual and political history would not be dominated by repulsion from the German genocide in the way that it has.

Things would, of course, have been much better, the world much more civilised and much more prosperous.

Decadence was the reason for French defeat in 1940 - though I know Petain said so too. I asked an historian friend if Europe today was at the late Third Republic stage and he said, 'No - Vichy!'


  1. Where do you come up with this weird and wacky alternate scenario?

    1.) Having suffered in WW1, France was incapable of attacking Germany in 1939.
    2.) 1939 - Too late. Britain and France LAST chance to defeat Germany was at the Czech crisis.
    3.) France was dead as the lead of Christendom when the revolution occurred and then embraced the terror and Napoleon.
    Slow decay 'til Germany went thru the Ardense like you know what thru a goose.

    1. This is the key phrase: "the colonial empires would have existed much longer and might perhaps still exist."
      He's still dreaming of the good old empire!

    2. I think war in 1938 would have proceeded much like war in 1939 except without the Ribbentrop Molotov Pact and without Spitfires.

  2. If France had won against Germany in 1939, Europe would still have declined only more slowly than it did after 1945. This is because the march of democracy would have continued and thus the freedom of the Judeo-Left to subvert Western civilisation through media and academic control. They would still have lobbied for open immigration; they would still have promoted multiculturalism, homosexualism, feminism, and generalised cultural decadence. How do we know this? Because they were already doing all these things before Hitler came to power. Unfortunately, the only thing that could have stopped this was an axis victory. A Europe under Hitler, Mussolini and Franco would have locked out the Left from political and cultural influence. This is simply not possible under democracy.

  3. Mr. Wood

    I think your correct, with 75% of the German army and 90% of the German airforce in Poland there was a good change that an aggressive attack on Germany in 1939 would have been successful.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

  4. There doesn't seem much indication in this article that the French would have won, although they had more divisions than the Germans. They seemed to be fighting a losing war in trying to assist Poland - probably why they abandoned the attempt. The Russian invasion of Poland from the east made the enterprise seem even more pointless.