Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A true Hanoverian: Princess Margaret's routine

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Apparently this was Princess Margaret's routine. I met her when I was 19 and lusted after her. A very beautiful, flirtatious and sexy woman who chain smoked using a cigarette
holder and drank a great deal of whisky while everyone else was offered wine. She spoke only to the male undergraduates and didn't leave till very late. A true Hanoverian, I thought.

The Vice Chancellor was visibly wilting. He walked with a stick and didn't look used to late nights though I heard he had them with the Chancellor. the Duke of Edinburgh. I heard the Duke was found asleep on a billiards table in Sandringham and the VC underneath it.


  1. Margaret was very beautiful as a young woman but the drinking took quite a toll over time....

  2. She was very beautiful in her early 50s. I thought so and I was 19 and not at all interested in women of her age as a rule.

  3. The rudest person I ever met.