Friday, 27 October 2017

Bullingdon Club members are kicked out of Oxford college

The Daily Mail tells a story of the Bullingdon Club being ejected from a Commem ball to jeers from undergraduates. 
With their tailcoats between their legs, they were told to move on by college porters while students jeered and filmed the rather sorry episode on their phones.

Their humiliating ejection, which happened in June, was because the group had not obtained permission to take the photograph but is also symbolic of the social transformation in higher education.

Martyn Percy, dean of Christ Church, told The Times: 'Don't think that an institution like this is the preserve of a certain upper class male.'

On Wednesday, Mr Percy hosted a Diwali celebration in the college dining hall, culminating in a performance by a transgender Indian dancer and fire-juggling in Tom Quad.

I find this story depressing. For many reasons. First because all traditions, unless evil, are attractive. Second because the idea of diversity, it becomes clear, is at odds with that of society developing organically. Third because egalitarianism is a bad thing and hierarchy a good one. Fourth because meritocracy is a word invented by Lord Young who thought it a bad thing, to be avoided. I could think of many more reasons.

I like clever, upper class men and like Oxbridge being a snob thing. I also like it being open to the poor. In the 1920s 20% of Oxford men were working class. Probably it was more after grammar schools were created by 1944 Act. Probably much fewer now thanks to comprehensives and bad teaching.


  1. What is so traditional about this? A club that is not of any great antiquity , entered by only money, not merit, not following common university rules because they felt themselves above them, was escorted from the site. Former members including Cameron, Johnson and Osborne have all decried their membership as twittishness. Let the thing die it's natural death, do not preserve it in aspic, lest it rots from within and the current wiff becomes a vile stench .


  2. Every old man complains of the growing depravity of the world, of the petulance and insolence of the rising generation. He recounts the decency and regularity of former times, and celebrates the discipline and sobriety of the age in which his youth was passed; a happy age, which is now no more to be expected, since confusion has broken in upon the world, and thrown down all the boundaries of civility and reverence.

  3. Oxford College bans Christian Union from Freshers Fair. (But not other faith societies)

  4. Diversity can be part of a society's organic growth if not imposed from above.

  5. I came from Morecombe. I worked, got a good degree and ignored these prats. Andrew

  6. The Buller has always had to tread a bit carefully. I remember back in the 1970s it was booking restaurants under a pseudonym thanks to its unfortunate reputation for smashing places up. One suspects the problem here is driven by the fact that most members aren't at the House (Ch: Ch:) as they were in the days of yore. This man Martyn Percy is clearly on a virtue-signalling trip. Nigel Rooms has described him as "a missionary anthropologist."


  7. Women couldn't have been kept out of the university for ever, they came in by a kind of osmotic process beginning I believe in the 1870s with such bodies as the Society of Oxford Home Students. And then women's colleges were founded, which for my money was an excellent development and fended off much of the age-old culture of buggery. But by no means all. And then in my time the women began their long campaign to take over the men's colleges, which in my humble opinion is where the rot set in. It would have been far better if they had simply gone on founding new women's colleges. Around about now, Theresa May and/or Justine Greening might have been laying the foundation stone of the Barrack H. Obama College for Those of Uncertain Sex. But it was not to be.

  8. Why should we celebrate Diwali, and other Hindu festivals? Hinduism enshrines the sort of caste system from which we are trying to escape in our ideal of equality of opportunity.

    There is no need for the Dean to celebrate the primitive superstitions of the Hindu, nor his messy paint throwing.

    John M.

  9. Commies everywhere.