Sunday, 29 October 2017

Michael Gove and Harvey Weinstein: No Laughing Matter


Sean Gabb tells the story of how he was invited on the BBC to talk about the dreary and disheartening story of Michael Gove's little joke on the wireless about Harvey Weinstein. 

The latter has not, by the way, been charged with any offence, let alone convicted of one. 

Mr. Gove, who is a very nice and very polite man, apologised though he has nothing really to apologise for, except perhaps to Mr Weinstein, who is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Dr. Gabb, who writes thrillers, is a libertarian and, like all people of good taste, loves Lord Macaulay. He says in his blog:
I pointed out that satire in this country has died for two reasons. One is that the “brave alternative comedians” of the 1980s have become po-faced commissars, enforcing political correctness. The other is that it is impossible
to satirise a satire, and that modern England has become a vast open-air festival of satire. 
And that was it. I was switched off, and Miss Fogarty and Mr Nolan continued agreeing that jokes are no joking matter.
We are seeing yet another witch hunt by the left - who complain about McCarthyism. McCarthy being the man who swept the left out of influential positions in American society for the one period since 1933 when they were deprived of influence.

I suppose it would be a very wicked thing to repeat my favourite 1980s light-bulb joke.

How many feminists does it take to change a light-bulb? 

That's not funny.


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