Friday, 13 October 2017

Surviving sexual assault

Today I was trying to remember which famous woman writer wrote that she had her bottom pinched by George Moore and felt proud that it had attracted the attention of such a great prose stylist.

I had my bottom pinched by Danny Blanchflower, the footballer, who was wearing a bottle green dinner jacket. I was 20. I also had my bottom pinched by two very pretty fifteen year-old girls when I was the same age. I found all three incidents very surprising but not in the least traumatic.


  1. You're either lying or that woman has her head in the clouds.

  2. Every man contains the universe. How woeful are the universes some of us inhabit.

    1. Indeed, the 'goddess' business is a beast of it's own. I found this piece to be both amusing and rather common sense simple. Why on earth would any woman go to this guy's hotel room to have a coffee?

  3. Whatever that means.