Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Bridget Jones was Labour

I only know Bridget Jones' Diary in the film version and had no idea till today that Bridget voted Labour.  In this diary entry from four months before Labour took power in 1997, tweeted by someone, she is horrified to find her boyfriend is a Tory. She summarises her political views in a way that seems a little bit topical this week:

Labour stands for sharing, kindness, gays, single mothers and Nelson Mandela as opposed to braying bossy men having affairs with everyone shag shag shag left right and centre and going to the Ritz in Paris then telling all the presenters off on the Today programme.

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  1. "There are two reasons why women are so liberal. The first is that liberalism is the ideology that our globalist elite want us to accept. If we reject traditional marriage and family, we are left with nothing but consumerism to fill our lives. Consumerism means more money in the hands of the elite, so they are always promoting it. Liberalism also steers us towards being rootless cosmopolitan atoms with only very weak bonds with other people—the opposite of a tribe. If you are an unconnected individual, you are much less likely to pose a threat to the elite hegemony.

    Women are especially the targets of this indoctrination because civilization passes by mothers. If women can be filled with Marxist ideas, they will raise their children with the same Marxist ideas. Over the long term, this creates a race of materialist sheep who will try to fill their spiritual emptiness with the gadgets and baubles that the globalist elite sells."