Sunday, 5 November 2017

Chancellor of Oxford: Safe spaces at universities are 'fundamentally offensive'


Another story about lack of free speech and Oxford University.

The Chancellor, Lord ('Chris') Patten, addressing the Oxford Union on Thursday afternoon said:

"I was in Hong Kong three or four weeks ago, talking to young men and women who face going to prison because they argue for free speech, and I come back to Britain and I find that people want universities to be full of safe spaces where you can't speak your mind.
"There is a huge difference between having an argument with someone and having a quarrel with them. It's one of the reasons that I find safe spaces at universities or no-platforming so fundamentally offensive.
"It's nothing to do with my view of what university should be like. University should be regarded as liberal, with liberal values of free speech."

The left is the enemy of free speech in China, England and Europe.

But the left includes supposed conservatives like Angela Merkel, who is anxious to prevent free speech on Facebook and Twitter. There are many English equivalents of Mrs. Merkel.


  1. University should be regarded as liberal, with liberal values of free speech.

    That is precisely the problem. Universities should not be liberal. Being liberal means they are adopting a partisan political position.

    And free speech was never a liberal value. Free speech was a weapon to be used against the established order. Liberals never intended for free speech to be available to non-liberals.

    Every ideological movement claims to support free speech when it's out of power. As soon as it gains power it suddenly decides that free speech is a bad idea. It's worth remembering that "conservatives" were strong believers in rigid censorship as long as they held actual political power. Now that they have lost power they have suddenly discovered that free speech is something precious.

    Politics is about power, not principles.

    1. What political opinions did conservatives censor, may I ask?