Monday, 6 November 2017

Chaos theory and sexual harassment

Mr. Obama became president because a TV actor wanted sex with his wife outdoors. His own wife, not Mrs. Obama. John Rentoul examines in this article the butterfly effect and the British sexual harassment scandal.

Do not be deceived by Dame Judi Dench exposing herself to Kenneth Branagh and all the other odd disclosures. This witch hunt seems to be about sex but it's really about Theresa May's powerlessness and Brexit.


  1. Nice soft-pedaling, Mr Rentoul. Jack Ryan did not just request a spicy little romp outdoors. He also pressured his wife to accompany him to swinger clubs and to have sex in front of and with strangers, which she emphatically did not want to do. Hearing about this made a difference with voters, as it would.

    1. Thank you for this information. Had he been a better husband Hillary would probably have just completed eight years as President.

    2. On the other hand maybe John McCain would.

  2. It seems as much about turning a mirror of moral bankruptcy upon a party that rides on a platform of austerity and family values


  3. Also the TV actor (or actress) was the wife, not the husband....

  4. Hii

    It includes individuals, for the most part ladies, rehashing an announcement that they, as well, have been subjected to lewd behavior or mishandle.

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