Thursday, 23 November 2017

Laura Perrins: The Tories are the enemy within


Laura Perrins is right to call the British Conservative Party the enemy within. It's now a deeply unconservative party.

As she says in this article:

'The Tories have interfered with the childcare market, causing the costs to rise year in, year out. They want more mothers in work, whether they want to be there or not. They lecture us on what to eat and drink; no detail of our life is beyond government note-taking. Now they have instructed GPs to ask what your sexuality is. This is Nanny turned Nurse Ratched.

'The Conservatives love big government. There has been no reduction in quangos – they have quangos lobbying their own government, for goodness’ sake. They use the school system to try to solve every social problem: FGM, toothbrushing, sex education, pornography, drugs, healthy eating, on and on it goes. The national debt could hit £2 trillion in the next ten years. 

'And that’s before we get to social conservatism. They have dumped that completely because it was much more important to be ‘modern’, whatever that means. Their proudest moment was to redefine marriage, and now they seek to redefine what it is to be a man or a woman. Nothing, it seems, is beyond their power. With the stroke of a pen, the Tories believe they can magically turn men into women and vice versa. They have even instructed the UN to ditch the term ‘pregnant woman’ and use ‘pregnant people’ instead. This is misogyny. This is the Tory party.'

Miss Perrins could have mentioned Amber Rudd wanting people who repeatedly look at far right websites to go to prison for up to 15 years, the desire to have equal numbers of the sexes on company boards, to 'cap' directors' pay and many other things. Theresa May wants same sex marriages to take place in church.


  1. And messing with Black Rod, all since 1832 being an Admiral, Chief Air Marshal or General (or full Colonel since 1812). Not about sex but the armed forces. A link between Parliament and defence abandoned.

    R de S

  2. As Peter Hitchens writes, the good thing about Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow travellers is that now we have a left-wing Labour Party maybe this will lead to the creation of a right-wing conservative party.

    1. Read his blog?

    2. I have and like him a lot, though he is too nice about Putin. Do you have a link to a specific post?

    3. As Peter Hitchens writes, the good thing about Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow travellers is that now we have a left-wing Labour Party maybe this will lead to the creation of a right-wing conservative party.

      The re-emergence of a genuine Left would be a good thing. I'm not convinced that Labour under Corbyn really is genuinely left-wing though - they're too keen on social justice silliness to be real leftists.

      Still, when the alternative is Theresa May then Jeremy Corbyn starts to look pretty good. Which says more about the awfulness of May than it does about the virtues of Corbyn.

  3. ‪I think at some point you have to face reality and recognise that Britain is a country degenerate beyond repair. Even the C of E now condones child transgenderism. Most of the population have been so brainwashed by feminist and leftwing perversion that Brexit isn't going to make any difference at this point. Until there is a catastrophic economic meltdown (it would have to be worse and much longer than in the 1930s) there is unlikely to be any real rebellion against the dictatorship of leftwing freakery. This is just being realistic.

    It is heartening to see that some East European countries are determined to follow a different trajectory to the degenerate West. I look upon scenes such as this with delight and envy. The unveiling of a beautiful traditional monument to an imperial ruler accompanied by military panoply and Orthodox clergy. Unthinkable in loony left Tory Britain. ‬


    1. The Church of England is a disaster zone. I do understand your pessimism about Britain and you Have good reasons to be pessimistic. But when you are in rural England it seems much the same dear, traditional country that it was a hundred years ago. The problems come from teachers and academics. The universities disseminate leftist, social liberal and globalist ideas - they remind me of the German teachers who preached the nationalism that led to the World Wars.

    2. German nationalism is a convenient skapegoat but was not the leading cause of either World War. The most guilty party in WWI was Austria-Hungary and their unreasonable aggression towards Serbia. It was Austria-Hungary's imperialism i.e. anti-nationalism which was the main cause of that war. Germany did not want war as peace was in the interests of her growing scientific and economic development. War however, was very much in Austria's interest.

      The Second World War was also not mostly caused by German nationalism but by Britain and the Roosevelt Admin goading on a pompous Polish government to reject a peaceful resolution to the Polish corridor dispute. Had Pilsudski lived few more years the Brits and Americans would not have succeeded in using Poland as their useful idiots to get the war they wanted. World War II was entirely Britain's choice and even after it started they could have stopped it at the flick of a finger if they wanted to, at no cost to themselves.