Thursday, 23 November 2017

Of course Angela Merkel is not finished


Of course that wily fox Angela Merkel is not finished.

She said she'll hold another election in order to get the Social Democrats to return to their alliance with her to save the Republic from AfD.

In fact a minority government with FDP support and measures decided by the Reichstag would be a much more democratic outcome than a repeat of the CDU-SPD coalition.

It would be better for the SPD too. The small party is always smashed in coalitions, like the SDP at the recent election. The FDP, at the one before last, didn't even make it into the Reichstag because it went into coalition with the CDU. 

The Liberal Democrats in 2015 in England were crushed likewise (croon it).

Christopher Hollis said that the best system of government was a two party system with two parties that agree on everything. That doesn't sound democratic to me and there is nothing democratic about two Social Democratic parties, which is what SDP and CDU are.
It's even worse when the two parties ally. 

In parenthesis, Great Britain also had two or even three Social Democratic parties, until Communists (Trotskyite version) took over Labour. 

A more democratic result would be a CDU - AfD - FDP coalition, excluding the very left-wing and dangerous Greens, who have nothing in common with any other party. CDU is theoretically conservative, AfD is genuinely conservative and FDP are genuine liberals who therefore believe in freedom and a small state. Lots of common ground there, one would think.

But such a coalition, though it will work in Austria, is unthinkable for some reason in Germany. It is lucky for AfD that it is so as joining a coalition with the CDU would be fatal for AfD. The best outcome for AfD is either fresh elections or, what will probably happen,  a new coalition between the two big parties which leaves them as the biggest opposition party. For AfD this is pregnant with possibilities.

Britain is very lucky, for all the ways that Parliament has decayed since it was televised, to have a real adversarial Parliamentary system and a two party system. You see from the example of Germany once again how semi circular chambers and an ingrained liking for consensus strangle democratic choice.


  1. The Reichstag was torched a few years ago. The Germans have moved on, though I am not sure where.

  2. Ah Mrs Merkel, an informative article about her here:

    1. Yes I had already read it but reread it again with much pleasure. A very informative article that everyone should read. She is not remotely conservative but was and perhaps stili is a Gorbachev communist. Environmental issues and left wing Christianity are what move her. She went to Moscow a few years ago and expressed gratitude for Germany being liberated by Russian troops.