Friday, 3 November 2017


Men can only be highly civilised while other men, inevitably less civilised, are there to guard and feed them. George Orwell

Good wood, bad wood - the same smoke but not the same flames. Nicolae Iorga

What we are heading towards is some awful world where everyone is expected to be completely asexual. This is actually inhumane. Laura Perrins


  1. The manufactured Weinstein scandal and women's feelings as an engine for tyranny.

  2. Well, women latched on to this metoo nonsense because it's fashionable. If they had really been harassed, they would have gone to the police when things happened, instead of bleating platitudes decades later. The winter season will bring new fashions, new winter boots will dazzle them soon enough, and they will latch on to the next fashionable fad - preferably one which doesn't destroy men's reputations and careers in the process.