Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Brexit referendum did not lead to hate crimes or to murder

This story might interest Romanian and East European readers who have been led to believe that the outcome of the Brexit referendum was the product of anti-East European racism.

As the Daily Mail showed a year ago, there was no rise in "hate crimes" in Great Britain after the Brexit referendum. None at all. Nor was the killing of a Pole, shortly after the referendum, in Harlow, Essex a hate crime. 

Shockingly the verdict in the manslaughter trial did not receive much coverage, very unlike the killing itself. 

The men who said Farage had blood on his hands were talking nonsense and I wonder why he doesn't sue them and enrich himself.
Jean-Claude Juncker said, after the killing: 
“We Europeans can never accept Polish workers being harassed, beaten up or even murdered on the streets of Essex.” 
The Polish Ambassador to the UK, Arkady Rzegocki, said Mr Jozwik’s death was caused by hate, and there would be “much more after Brexit”. They have not apologised.

The Daily Mail is often unfairly maligned and handled this much more responsibly than other newspapers. After the trial at which the killer was gaoled for three years for manslaughter the Mail took understandable pleasure in saying:

The Mail carried a report on the killing on August 31, stating the police were treating it as a 'suspected hate crime' and quoting from eye-witnesses. In the absence of evidence, we were careful not to link the tragedy to Brexit. 

Other papers weren't so reticent, even though the police cautioned 'we must not jump to conclusions'. Within days, the Guardian newspaper was claiming that Jozwik's death 'exposes the reality of post-referendum racism'. The Sun, on its front page, carried the headline 'Killed By Teen Mob For Being Polish', while The Telegraph reported 'fears [that] migrants are being targeted in post-Brexit hate crimes'.


  1. well the Home Office would beg to differ with the Daily mail, such a quality source of unbiased news and fair reporting on immigration, tax and the EU. Oh how I wish we still lived in an age where Farage, Gove, Fox et al could suffer the fate of Titus Oates, I would gladly be the whip hand on Johnson for the Aldwych stretch. To see him yesterday in Parliament evasive and downright lying in an attempt to cover what is clearly recorded. His dear chum Liam not really helping with " It was a slip of the tongue, he didn't mean to say it" . Of course he did but like Peter continued in his denials. Just like the Daily Mail and this piece.