Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas markets without armed police are now a thing of the past in England

A great article by Ed West in The Spectator here, talking about the proliferation of machine guns and anti-terror 'diversity bollards' in British streets. The son of Richard West and Mary Kenny, he is a brave, clever and intellectually honest man who gets what is happening, as Douglas Murray does and many other young British conservative journalists like Tim Stanley or Fraser Nelson do not.

Does anyone in a position of power believe this is going to get better and these security measures will ever be taken down? If not, perhaps they should explain to us why, how they led us down this route, and what they intend to do about it.Last week, buried under the ho-ha about President Trump’s latest unbelievably stupid social media pronunciation, PEW releasedstatistics suggesting that Britain will be 16.7 per cent Muslim by mid-century. The highly-respected research group also stated that the current figure is already 6.3 per cent, when it was assumed it was still hovering somewhere around the 5 per cent. In 2001, it was 3.07 per cent, a decade before that 1.86 per cent; back in 1961, it was 0.1 per cent.
Sixteen per cent is Pew’s medium prediction, the outer estimates being 9.7 and 17.2 per cent. The lower figure is based on the extremely unlikely scenario that all Muslim immigration is shut off, something which is simply inconceivable in the current climate – and will become more politically impossible as the Muslim population increases. After all, doing something like that would only make people feel discriminated against, and we already have 23,000 angry jihadis in the country. So anything that appears Islamophobic will simply lead to more terrorism. And because extremism is fuelled by segregation, as the Muslim population grows then that number will grow exponentially, and the European Intifada will continue.

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