Friday, 8 December 2017

Flowers outside the Royal Palace

On my walk to work today along Calea Victoriei in the December sunshine I came across this moving shrine to the King outside the Royal Palace. I recalled how in 1947 the crowds gathered outside the palace, enthusiastic for the King whom they saw as their only hope of protection from the Bolsheviks.

Some of the descendants of those people supported the post Communist governments of the early 1990s. The damage Communism does is very great indeed.

The flowers were moving but not so many plentiful. I think that the deaths of Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and David Bowie moved more Romanians to tears.

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  1. The fact is he was never the real Monarch. Paul-Phillipe Hohenzollern is the rightful King of Romania since the courts have repeatedly ruled that under the laws of the time his father was legitimate. Michael appealed these rulings but lost. Legally then, Michael was the product of a bigamous marriage and should never have ascended the throne. So the real King hasn't died.