Friday, 8 December 2017

'Outrage at plans to turn vacant home of famed English author George Eliot into an ARABIC school'


The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, but not the other British papers, have a story about George Eliot's house becoming an Arabic school. They found someone who was brave enough to be quoted as being outraged about it.

The Daily Mail is a valuable news source and provides a timid critique of the ideology of England's rulers, is very good on celebrity wardrobe misfunctions too, but it does not expect its readers to have heard of George Eliot or know she was a woman.

There's absolutely no reason why the house shouldn't become an Arabic school. It's an interesting footnote to history though. George Eliot's and Arnold Bennet's Midlands has been transformed and will be transformed much more.

Bismarck's ancestral manor house has been a Polish government building since 1945.

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  1. Better that it was demolished than suffer the fate that is in store for it.