Wednesday, 13 December 2017

'Plan to ban smoking completely in bars and eateries from 2018 scrapped by far-right Freedom Party'

Headline and sub-headline in the Guardian. 

Good for the Freedom Party. It doesn't stop them being accused of fascism or described by the Guardian as far right. 

In fact they represent the long liberal tradition in Austria politics that brought about the 1848 Austrian revolution. Liberals in Austria believed since the 1840s in a liberal Greater Germany with a small state. They are real liberals unlike the British Liberal Democrats or American 'liberals': they believe in low taxes and freedom.

Note the way the Guardian puts inverted commas around freedom as if gingerly handling with gloves something suspicious and repellent

Austria stubs out looming smoking ban in name of 'freedom'
Plan to ban smoking completely in bars and eateries from 2018 scrapped by far-right Freedom party in coalition talks

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