Saturday, 2 December 2017

President Trump (that still sounds odd) causes outrage again

President Trump has caused 'outrage' by tweeting a picture of a Muslim about to smash a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Metro has the headline "anti Muslim: Clip retweeted by President". Islam not Christianity is the victim. 

The press talks about the fact that Mr Trump tweeted retweeted three things tweeted by a miniscule anti-Muslim party in England that has 800 members. Its leaders are being prosecuted for hate speech and the press thinks it is Mr Trump who has acted disgracefully. No one questions the laws that make hate speech a crime.


  1. Say Hillary Clinton had retweeted a video of Orthodox Christian extremists in Russia killing a gay man or gang of white men attacking a black kid. The same MPs calling for Trump to be arrested if he sets foot in Britain would now be praising her to the heavens for highlighting homophobia and racism. The airwaves would now be clogged with discussions about Russia's 'epidemic of homophobia' and what Britain should do about it. The Left's hypocrisy is so easy to dismantle because they are so predictable. They are beyond ridicule.

  2. However those on the right with their single oriental eye, are so blind to their own shortcoming they are easy to parody.

    1. I would say its now much more difficult for the Left to poke fun at the Right than the other way round. Peter Hitchens wrote 20 years ago that political comedy is almost by its nature leftwing. Things are vastly different today with social media but also because the Left is far more extreme and detached from reality than it was then.