Saturday, 9 December 2017


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"Men are creatures with two legs and eight hands." Jayne Mansfield

"Fools censure wit, as old men rail at sin." Earl of Rochester

"Wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists."Joseph de Maistre (this is not true)

"It isn't nationalist to wish to regain sovereignty and control national borders. It's patriotism." Ruth Dudley Edwards

"The only difference between Brown and Cameron was that, if anything, Brown was more hostile to the Euro than the Tories." Peter Hitchens 


  1. I’m still possessed by this idea, conceived when I was in my twenties, that the world would be a better, more coherent place if I could just say something that was beautiful and true and perfectly expressed.
    John Foy

    «Not admitting the existence of God is more stupid than supposing, as do certain nations, that the world is held up by a rhinoceros».

    “Conversation is not an enterprise designed to yield an extrinsic profit, a contest where a winner gets a prize, not is it an activity of exegesis; it is an unrehearsed intellectual adventure.”
    Michael Oakeshott

  2. Listen to what wise antiquity has to say about the first men. It will tell you that they were wonderful men, whom beings of a superior order favored with the most important messages. There is unanimity on this point: initiates, philosophers, poets, history, myth, Asia and Europe speak with one voice. Such complete agreement of reason, revelation, and all human traditions constitutes a proof that cannot reasonably be contradicted. Thus, not only did men start with knowledge, but with a knowledge different from and superior to our own, since it penetrated more deeply, which made it the more dangerous. This is why science at the beginning was mysterious and confined within the temples, where the flame finally burned out when once it had no purpose other than to burn....

    Wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists. The poor man in his hut with straw alone to cover him is doubtless less learned than we are, yet more truly social if he attends his catechism class and profits from it. The most shameful errors, the most despicable cruelties have stained the history of Memphis, Athens, and Rome, but all the virtues together honor the huts of Paraguay.... We must then recognize that the state of civilization and science is in a certain sense the natural and primitive state of man.... Has not Voltaire himself (and nothing more need be said) admitted that the motto of every nation has always been,'The golden age was the first to show itself on earth?'

  3. You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

    C S Lewis

  4. Jayne never complained. Good un.