Friday, 8 December 2017

Princess Henry/Harry


The New Yorker:

"Might we not claim Harry and Meghan as the monarchs of our hearts? Might they not serve as paradoxical avatars of our own hopes for a more open, more international, more unified, and fairer world?"

Oh dear, oh dear. This sounds like a modern, globalist, multicultural version of 'Heir of Sorrows', the long running romantic serial about Charles and Diana, penned by Dame Sylvie Krin, in 'Private Eye'.

I am very pleased that Prince Henry is in love and hope he is making a wise choice. I must say that I wish the princess to be did not call herself a feminist and activist and list Ban Ki-moon, the last Secretary-General of the United Nations, as one of her heroes. 

An Englishwoman I know loathes Miss Markle because apparently she complained about men ogling women. I have a feeling that Miss Markle may approve of her almost namesake Mrs. Merkel, but then many do.

It might be good strategy for the Royal Family to marry into a mixed race Democrat supporting American family, or then again it might not, but strategy is no longer the reason for which princes of the blood marry. At least not this prince. 

Jan or James Morris, the travel writer, who is a republican with a small r, was sure that the marriage of Charles to Diana, which made the whole world crazy about the new Princess of Wales, was actually a bad thing for the monarchy. How right he or she was. 

This is a further step away from the Royal Family being the apex of the British social hierarchy towards being celebrities. 

Will Prince and Princess Henry take to bicycling?


  1. I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  2. Not White, not British, not nobility, not a virgin, not even her first marriage, not even clear that she's Christian. She is the opposite of everything it meant to be British Royalty. This is the endgame of Liberalism: the total destruction of European identity, institutions, and people.

    1. Not White, not British, not nobility, not a virgin, not even her first marriage, not even clear that she's Christian.

      The perfect royal wife for modern Britain. The only things counting against her are that she doesn't appear to be a lesbian or a tranny.

      She'll fit right into the awful celebrity trash Windsor family (the British Kardashians). And I say that as an ardent monarchist.