Saturday, 9 December 2017

We're here because we're here, because we're here

Headline in the Wall St Journal today:

U.S. to Remain in Syria Indefinitely, Pentagon Officials Say

The Americans should get out and leave the government, Russia and Iran to sort things out. Syria is a sovereign state and not in the American sphere of interest.

The US, which opposed the pro-Soviet Assad regime during the Cold War, has long wished its demise but now it seems that America for some reason identifies her interests with Israel's, though it originally allied with Israel for fear of Soviet takeover of Gulf - and fears Iran, though Sunni extremism (think Saudi funded mosques) are the threat to the West now, not Iran. 

As often happens, the original reasons for things get forgotten.

The reason that Romania was accepted as a candidate for EU membership was because of Emil Constantinescu's support for America in Kosovo (a war public opinion here strongly opposed). By the time Romania joined the EU the reason had been long forgotten. 

Other examples of this forgetfulness are legion.


  1. Take up the White Man’s burden—
    Send forth the best ye breed—
    Go send your sons to exile
    To serve your captives' need
    To wait in heavy harness
    On fluttered folk and wild—
    Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
    Half devil and half child
    Take up the White Man’s burden
    In patience to abide
    To veil the threat of terror
    And check the show of pride;
    By open speech and simple
    An hundred times made plain
    To seek another’s profit
    And work another’s gain
    Take up the White Man’s burden—
    And reap his old reward:
    The blame of those ye better
    The hate of those ye guard—
    The cry of hosts ye humour
    (Ah slowly) to the light:
    "Why brought ye us from bondage,
    “Our loved Egyptian night?”
    Take up the White Man’s burden-
    Have done with childish days-
    The lightly proffered laurel,
    The easy, ungrudged praise.
    Comes now, to search your manhood
    Through all the thankless years,
    Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,
    The judgment of your peers!
    Source: Rudyard Kipling, “The White Man’s Burden: The United States & The Philippine Islands, 1899.” Rudyard Kipling’s Verse: Definitive Edition (Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1929).

  2. Trump ran on a platform of non-intervention in others' affairs, but isn't exactly sticking to that promise.