Tuesday, 5 December 2017

When Catholics do not believe in God

When Catholics do not believe in God they know exactly what God it is in Whom they do not believe.

As a Spaniard said to George Barrow, why should I believe in your God when I do not believe in my own Who is the one true God?


  1. I cannot fathom why anyone would find it difficult to believe in the Christian God. I mean, its very simple: God created man and woman with original sin. Then He destroys most of them for sinning. Then He impregnantes a woman with Himself as her child so that He could be born. Later He kills Himself as a sacrifice to Himself to save all of us from the sin He gave us in the first place. Sounds perfectly legitimate to me.

  2. Yes; typical simpleton redux. If you read a bit more, and tried to understand the long years of struggle for Humanity to make sense of it's very transitory existence, you would certainly give up this empty arrogance. So what have you gotten since the dawn of the 20th century, when God was declared dead? Where is the promised paradise?. Are you blissfully liberated? What is the God that makes the most sense to you?

  3. Life has always been difficult, with and within religion.

  4. Life has always been difficult, with and without religion.