Monday, 29 January 2018

17 Emerging Travel Destinations for 2018

Here are '17 Emerging Travel Destinations for 2018'.

I have been to half of these. I cannot recommend Lvov, Albania, Georgia or Mozambique too highly. I haven't been to East Timor but Portuguese colonies appeal, except Goa and Macao which have been ruined.

I love Israel but it is a surprise to me that it is 'emerging' - it has been a tourist place since forever, full of Americans and they never go anywhere edgy.

The sad truth is that the whole world is starting to feel like 'plant' for the tourist industry, rather than somewhere you buy a train or air ticket to and nose around.


  1. David in Ukraine2 February 2018 at 15:18

    Lvov? In Ukraine?

    Why so enthusiastic?

    1. It is not called the Florence of the East for nothing. Wonderful Polish baroque city. And few tourists. We spent 72 hours there and I want to return. Comparable with Cracow as Cracow was in 1994, before budget flights and stag parties. In Lvov stay at the Hotel George.

      I thought about visiting with a dirt cheap Comecon ticket from Bratislava in 1990 when it was the USSR and of course wish I had.

    2. I wrote this about it. The pictures evaporated.

  2. I second that impression. I was in Lviv (Lwow) in 2010 and it was quite impressive - there was an aura of past grandeur, with an emphasis on the word "past". There was a lot of Greek Catholic (Eastern rite) influence, as well - more than I've seen anywhere else.

  3. Odessa is also wonderful, as is Kiev. And Kamanets Podolsky.