Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Love is in the air


A Syrian asylum seeker who belonged to Isis has been found guilty at the Bailey of plotting to build a bomb with a woman he met on a Muslim dating site called SingleMuslim.com.

There is an offbeat romantic comedy in this, perhaps set to music.

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  1. More love: From 'Neo-Nazi' to muslim killer in just one small step

    A man accused of shooting his two roommates Friday in a Tampa Palms
    apartment told police he shared neo-Nazi beliefs with the men until he
    converted to Islam then killed them because they showed disrespect for
    his faith.
    Asked if anyone else was hurt, he told police: "The people in the
    apartment, but they aren't hurt, they're dead."
    Arthurs said that, before the killings, "he had been privy to neo-Nazi
    internet sites threatening to kill people, and he had developed a
    thinking that he should take some of the neo-Nazis with him."