Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Cameron: Brexit has turned out less badly than we thought

It's nice to know that David Cameron thinks Brexit is 'a mistake, not a disaster' and has turned out less badly than he first thought.

In this clip he seems like a boy, a clever student politician, rather than a man. A bit like when he told the Mayor of New York that the Queen purred when he told her that Scotland wasn't leaving the UK. That was after another of his referendums. 

Without Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and probably Boris Johnson, the referendum result wouldn't have happened, but no-one but David Cameron would have called a referendum on the issue - at least, not now or in the next decade. He has therefore only himself to blame. 

Only George Osborne understood how hard the referendum would be to win for Remain. David Cameron always seemed to me a clever man (though Michael Gove doesn't agree), but George Osborne is cleverer by a way.


  1. Marina Hyde is venomous in a sub-par article in the Guardian today: '...the Davos clip is an exquisitely excruciating study in the fallen mighty. To watch it is to behold Mittal becoming so palpably bored within four seconds that he’s getting ready to wander off even as he taunts Cameron with the comically passive-aggressive mention of Brexit. “How are you going?” the UK’s fourth-richest man asks the former prime minister perfunctorily. “Good, actually,” Cameron tries to breeze unconvincingly, “I’m busy, doing a book, and I’m doing this fund with China which is interesting …” Not remotely to Mittal, who cuts in wickedly: “Everybody’s talking about Brexit.” “Yes, well, I know. It’s frustrating …” deflects Cameron nervously. “As I keep saying, it’s a mistake, not a disaster.”'

    The truth is that there is nothing so ex as an ex Prime Minister. Power has drained from him - a husk remains.

  2. Actually Miss Hyde's article is very good on the absurd Williamson. '“I no longer sell fireplaces and have built a career in politics.” You hear that? He is OUT of the surrounds game. He’s gone straight – don’t you ever try to pull him back into that world.'