Thursday, 18 January 2018

Daily Telegraph describes Austrian Chancellor as far-right


Every day it seems there's another low point in British political culture. The British conservative quality paper The Daily Telegraph regularly calls Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, as far right.  
Today it described the Chancellor of Austria as far-right.
ANGELA MERKEL yesterday took issue with her far-right Austrian counterpart at their first official meeting. The German chancellor and Sebastian Kurz disagreed on immigration when Mrs Merkel said his country's resistance to taking a share of  refugees was "wrong".
People who remember General Franco and Sir Oswald Mosley know what to think of this.


  1. Sorry to break it to you but all of the MSM are on board with the globalist agenda and that means population replacement of indigenous Europeans. Guardian, Telegraph makes no difference. Any serious anti-immigration movement will be condemned by every MSM outlet across the West. Do you honestly think out of the thousands of newspapers and news magazines available in N America and Europe every journalist comes to the exact same editorial position on anti-immigration parties independently of one another? It's all controlled. Freedom of the press is an illusion.

  2. I'm not surprised. Heck, I see Jordan Peterson regularly labeled as "far right", when it's clear to anyone who actually watched his lectures that he is no such thing.

    As to anonymous's comment, I'm not sure if the uniformity of pro-unrestricted immigration views on MSM is a conspiracy or rather a product of the globalist, neoliberal, capitalist economic order we live in, which conditions affluent people to have the insidious politically correct views most of them have.

  3. I frequently see these associated and I must admit that the mixture baffles me: globalist, neoliberal, capitalist.
    Globalist and capitalist have absolutely no tangential point. The globalist idea is the idea of global controlled economic activity, very much akin of the planified quinquinal plan. Capitalism has no need of global agreements: whoever can participate in the market is welcome to. Capitalism implies a lack political control, and is sometimes called the 'laissez-faire' system.
    Neoliberalism and capitalism have even less in common: Neoliberalism is a moral/political set of ideas, capitalism is an economic system. Is capitalism an ideal environment for neoliberal thinking? I don't think so. Most likely Christianity is twisted and transformed into neoliberalism. The Chinese version of Capitalism doesn't seem to produce the same neoliberal ideas.
    In a Capitalist system there would really be global and free movement of people, ideas, goods etc as a Capitalism system would not provide welfare to anyone. The burning issue with the unrestricted immigration is the welfare provided to these immigrants.
    In my view the idea of unrestricted immigration is a very left wing, socialist/communist inspired policy. It has nothing do do with economics, other that the fact that it will bankrupt those economies. It is an attempt to bend reality to what some would like it to be, as opposed to what it is.
    So is Global Warming. And probably other propaganda projects to come. The movie Branded is quite a good, innocent illustration of this phenomena.
    Totally agree; freedom of the press is a total illusion, as is freedom in general. What is not an illusion is the propaganda machine which is the MSM.

  4. The British conservative quality paper The Daily Telegraph

    Well you got one out of three right. It's not conservative and it's not quality but it is a paper!

  5. In order to sell the idea that Tories are right wing, DT has to push those folks further down to the right on the political spectrum... hence, the far right... There is no far right anywhere in sight, except as clowns controlled by programs type COINTELPRO... whatever they call them today... Plenty of fools though... but those, as the big guy upstairs said, we'll always have them with us...

    ...on the bright side:

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