Friday, 19 January 2018

Young men, eternal boys and the war against the sexes


Prof Susan Sawyer, director of the centre for adolescent health at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, writing in Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, suggests that 10-24 are now the years of adolescence. She wants council 'youth support' services to be available to people up to the age of 24.

Denis Stone, the protagonist of Aldous Huxley's novel Crome Yellow, is described as an adolescent of 26. He was a sheltered, well heeled young man but nowadays adolescence regularly lasts till 30 and in a few extreme cases 40. 

It is a phenomenon of the rich world, though it affects young people of all classes. In England the average age for men to marry is 33.5, which compares with 26 in 1973. 

And this phenomenon of prolonged adolescence combines with the increasing feminisation of society to have huge cultural and political consequences. Among other consequences, it makes it easier for the state and the left of centre new ruling class to take charge  without too many bolshy and obstructive young men or tough minded and conservative middle aged men complaining.

An article in American Conservative entitled Why Leftists Hate Masculinity, that appeared at the same time, suggests a link between what it calls 'a war on masculinity' and 'tyrannical socialism'.

“There has emerged a war on masculinity. Why? Because masculine men are harder to control under tyrannical socialism. The modern beta male, on the other hand, craves socialism. This is why the left has branded masculinity as toxic: it stands as a roadblock to their endgame... 

"The denigration of masculinity is high on the leftist agenda. The pushing of acceptance of the 'transgender' movement is the latest machination in this crusade. This fosters further blurring of male masculinity and female femininity, and the plight of a small group of people who wrestle with this issue has become a politically polarizing topic – a tool maximized by the left. Masculinity is maligned as a trait of the bigot, not as a desirable trait among men, as it once was. The goal is to foster an entirely androgynous society that makes no distinction between male and female. This breeds a culture more easily shaped by the almighty state.

"The left's war on masculinity should come as no surprise. The cultures in history that have resisted oppressive regimes in the past have celebrated masculinity rather than demeaned it."

I'd use the expression "statist authoritarian liberalism" but I'd agree with much of the argument.

I loathe machismo but real men and real women are endangered in the Anglo Saxon world. They still exist aplenty in Romania, at least for now.

Romanians also become adults at around eighteen or twenty-one without a long adolescence. They therefore do not subscribe to adolescent political ideas. This is how things were in the West before the miraculous rise in living standards that began in the 1950s and continued until 2008. This economic miracle led to the 1960s social revolution.  


  1. This is how things were in the West before the miraculous rise in living standards that began in the 1950s and continued until 2008. This economic miracle led to the 1960s social revolution.

    I think it probably was a contributing cause.

    I'm inclined to think that the West is dying due to an excess of education. Too much education seems to be more harmful than too little. And too many educated people means the growth of an enormous parasitical intellectual class. Too much education may be more dangerous than too much prosperity.

    The intellectual class also tends to be feminised. Too much emphasis on endless talking, rather than doing. It breeds a mistrust of the man of action. It also encourages a delight in novelty and a contempt for tradition. So the intellectual class becomes dominated by feminised and often homosexual men.

    Think of Oxford and Cambridge in the 20s and 30s. They seemed to produce mostly homosexual poets. And of course Soviet spies.

    If you want to save your society start shutting down the universities. Give academics real jobs instead - digging ditches for example.

  2. I like this comment very much. Thou art not far from the kingdom.

  3. The rise in living standards did not cause the 60s revolution. Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Turkey and other Muslim countries have all experienced a huge rise in living standards and are sophisticated modern economies but have rejected Western social liberalism. In Dubai for example, abortion, blasphemy, drunkenness, extra-marital sex, homosexuality, and having children out of wedlock are all illegal. There has been no 60s revolution despite massive rise in living standards. Women still dress modestly. Religion is taken very seriously. The city is ruled by an absolute monarch.

    The Islamic world has combined traditionalism with technology. There is nothing inevitable about Western degeneracy. It is a byproduct of liberal democracy. Over time this becomes more totalitarian so we are now in a situation where criticism of degenerate freakery is criminalised even in personal conversation. In Britain you have the freedom only to be a degenerate atomised consumer but not to speak out against the destruction of your culture.

    Even a modest move away from liberal democracy towards authoritarian nationalism can have a positive effect on the culture. Russia is far richer than it was in the 1990s yet attitudes have gone in the opposite direction to the West morally. A news story from a few days ago:

    "In Thursday’s poll, 83 percent of respondents said it was “always reprehensible” or "almost always reprehensible” for two adults of the same gender to have sexual relations. 
    Previous surveys showed that the number of Russians against gay sex has progressively increased, from 68 percent in 1998 to 76 percent in 2008.
    This year, only 8 percent of respondents said there was nothing objectionable about sexual relations between adults of the same gender. 
Levada also found that while people under 31 years of age were much more tolerant of same-sex relations than older generations in 2008, that distinction has now disappeared. "

    Also from another recent Moscow Times article, Russian alcohol consumption has fallen 80% over the last 5 years and is now lower that of France and Germany. Russians are also far more anti-abortion than they were in the 1990s and the birth rate has also increased hugely since that time. Russia seems to be bucking the trend toward cultural degeneracy that we see in all the Western liberal democracies. The point is humans are very adaptable. When society permits the promotion of vice that is what society descends into, when a society promotes virtues that is what society will ascend towards.