Sunday, 21 January 2018

Macron admits French would 'probably' leave the EU if given the chance

On the Andrew Marr show today, M Macron admitted that the French would 'probably' vote to leave the European Union if given the chance in a referendum, but he said leaving or staying in was the wrong question to ask.

It seems from what he said - in excellent lightly accented English - that a deal can be made with the UK along the lines of the deal with Canada. This sounds promising, though part of me likes the idea of leaving with no deal. But we must be free to get rid of regulations, lower taxes and make trade deals with countries everywhere.

Andrew Marr asked him if he raised the question of freedom of speech with the Chinese leader when they met. He said he had. Why doesn't he raise it in France too and with Frau Merkel?

Tom Gallagher (@cultfree54):

What a fascinating entity the EU is.

Officially the rules have to be adhered to line by line but suddenly a top Frenchman pops up and the rules fade before our eyes.

Paul Embery (@PaulEmbery):

John McDonnell tells Andrew Marr that current EU free movement laws have "forced down wages". Is this blinding reality slowing becoming apparent to those on the Left who for years have rejected it out of hand? Not before time, if so.


  1. There is a nauseous irony when you juxtapose the fascistic efforts of the anti-smoking Gestapo to terrorise smokers by forcing them to see fake images of decomposing body parts with the fascistic efforts of pro-abortionists to terrorise pro-lifers by refusing to let them display genuine images of babies vacuum-suctioned to death in the womb.

    The irony peaks when pregnant women are relentlessly targeted with messages portraying them as ‘bad mothers’ and demanding that they stop smoking because smoking is bad for the baby. Most remarkably, and with no sense of hypocrisy, anti-smoking groups shamelessly use ‘fetal images that parallel those publicised by the antiabortion movement in an attempt to elicit an emotional attachment by a pregnant woman to her baby-to-be,’ writes Laury Oaks in Smoking and Pregnancy: The Politics of Fetal Protection.

    The irony has reached a cacophonous climax in the Vatican. Last month, Pope Francis banned the sale of cigarettes in the Vatican. ‘No profit can be legitimate if it puts lives at risk,’ said a Vatican statement. The ban comes into effect this month. Last week, Pope Francis honoured Dutch politician and vocal agitator for abortion rights Lilianne Ploumen with the pontifical medal of knighthood.

    Smoking is evil; murdering babies is fine. Adolf Hitler would applaud.

    1. It is very wrong if people are not allowed to publish pictures of aborted foetuses. Are they not?

      That papal knighthood was disgusting. Apparently it was a mistake. Someone said papal knighthoods are handed out like mints at the end of a meal in a restaurant. But why doesn't the Pope rescind it?

      I wonder why this Pope even confers titles of honour which are by definition unegalitarian. Or perhaps they aren't - English ones don't seem to have a connection with social status and social class any more.

  2. Good luck making those wonderful trade deals everywhere. China and India are not interested and Trump won't set foot in England. After a brief flurry of interest in Brexit he has lost interest as he always does and shows no interest in the so-called special relationship whatsoever. Blowhard BoJoBelly and Mrs May now awkwardly look for friends from a U.K. that finds itself alone.

  3. It's being so cheerful as keeps me going.