Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sick of tourism


I am so happy to be back and so blessed to live in Romania.

I find Bucharest in the rain in January far more beautiful and moving than any location at the far end of the world. Especially not the tourist choked locations.

I am giving up on visiting touristland. 

Cambodia in all has five million tourists a year. Vietnam has ten million, Thailand has 33 million and Burma almost three million. In each case the number is growing in leaps and bounds. I'd probably go somewhere else if I were you.

I feel a disgust with modern tourism. Especially luxury hotels. They are repellent because luxurious and also because luxury is no longer elitist but a subset of mass tourism.

Iran sounds wonderful and I'd love to go there by train.

Syria should be safe before long, I hope, but it will be very sad.

Yet I hope to stay again in the dear old Hotel Baron.

But Eastern Europe and the British Isles have almost everything that interests me.

Albania, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine are the places to go that are beautiful and undiscovered. 

And Romania is one of the few unruined places. Though Sighisoara is ruined.

Constable's Flatford Mill on a bank holiday Monday gets very few tourists. Exeter and Ely ditto. England is largely an undiscovered secret.

Anywhere else? I'd like one day to return to Algeria very much and make it to Timbuktoo and to Sao Tome and Principe, before they go the way of the Cape Verde islands. Which they certainly will.

I wanted to go to Latin America but no longer: that will be Disneyworld too. 

Cuba partly is but is also 1980s Communist Europe. I recommend Cuba. Hurry before it changes.

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