Thursday, 11 January 2018

The world is an airport


Measuring my life in cappuccinos.

The world increasingly resembles the shopping area in a vast international airport. No air or grass or roots but there are worse things. This is in fact the 19th century liberal dream of free trade bringing peace and prosperity. And a shopping area is nothing more than a bazaar but one with the same brands in every corner of the world.

Nations survive as Thai and Mexican restaurants and even a pub, though not the smoky, family-unfriendly pub full of opinionated old men and subversive opinions, loudly voiced, that we formerly knew.

And in the background men (and women) with machine guns.


  1. And what's the solution? Some elites in government restricting trade between consenting individuals?

    1. I am thoroughly in favour of free trade. Economic growth of course is the most unconservative force there is in human affairs.

    2. I simply make an observation rather than a complaint.

      We must all tend our sheep and try to retain genuine diversity. Diversity of opinions and just possibly diversity of countries, countries that are themselves rather than resembling other countries.

      France and Italy manage to be themselves though up to the minute and open to the world. In both cases mass migration is making very big changes.

  2. Not really the whole world, there are still vast areas away from the cities. My small town has about forty shops, but the traders aren't multiples, only two banks and Boots the chemist that anyone would recognize. We still have opinionated old men in pubs, and they are the ones with the subversive opinions now, not the brainwashed youth!

    You would have liked an old friend of mine, the late Hector Neate. First man in Wiltshire to be done for being drunk in charge of a mobility scooter. He came to a town twinning ceremony and when he found it a crashing bore he waved his stick and shouted out "Ere, what about the Battle of Waterloo then?" Everyone cheered except the French. We need more like him.