Monday, 15 January 2018

'Theresa is more pro European than me.' David Cameron in 2015

"There's a spectrum. George is more pro European than me, so is Theresa, then there's me, then there's Boris and you."
David Cameron to Michael Gove, November 2015, quoted by Tim Shipman in 'All Out War', a Christmas present.


  1. your like-minded fellow
    Heil Farage !

  2. Makes sense. No wonder May is botching up Brexit so badly. Why, it's almost as if she's doing it on purpose...

    Incidentally, I detest how pro-EU people use the terms "EU" and "Europe" interchangeably, and describe themselves as "pro-European" or as "Europhiles," as if the EU and Europe were once and the same. Of course, that is done deliberately. It's very effective propaganda.

    Great blog, Paul. I've been reading it for a while now, as you and I share a lot of the same values. I hope to comment on it frequently.

    1. Thank you - please comment frequently. I found at university it was hard to find people who had the same philosophical ideas as me. When, thanks to Facebook, I did I found that some drew pretty unattractive conclusions. You can draw all sorts of conclusions from all sorts of first principles but sharing first principles is important.
      What matters to me in politics are my nation (and all nations), freedom, tradition, order.

    2. "What matters to me in politics are my nation (and all nations), freedom, tradition, order."

      I couldn't agree more, and I couldn't have stated it better myself!

      I agree that some people who are our cousins philosophically draw unattractive conclusions, unfortunately. I'm always dismayed to see so many people online make good points about, say, immigration... and then turn out to be pro-Nazi or pro-absolute monarchy, or otherwise anti-democracy. With allies like that, who needs the globalists? All the more reason for people like you and I to fight even harder for what is right. Onward!