Saturday, 3 February 2018

In the 1970s, experts predicted overpopulation and mass starvation

"In the 1970s, experts predicted overpopulation and mass starvation. But a breakthrough discovery allowed much of the world to avoid that fate. How did so many get it so wrong?"

Instead of mass starvation a man I'd never heard of until recently called Norman Borlaug helped develop hybrid crops and other agricultural techniques that have prevented the global famines widely predicted when the world population began to rise rapidly after the war.

Please watch this short clip and stop worrying about climate change.


  1. and stop worrying about climate change.

    Fortunately I never started worrying about climate change! It was so blatantly clear right from the outset that it was a scam that I couldn't believe anyone actually fell for it.

    Of course the climate does change. Which is very fortunate for us, because otherwise we'd still be living in an ice age. It changes because it's inherently unstable.

    As for overpopulation, even without the food issue it seems likely that global population will stabilise and then begin to fall. Once a society embraces liberalism it signs its own death warrant. And the US is determined to make sure that every country on earth embraces liberalism, if necessary at the point of a gun.

  2. Having worked in the industry, I can attest that there are so many parasites and government programs invested in this idea (climate change), that there would be a lot of squirming and lost livelihoods if suddenly we stopped approaching the climate like an urgent calamity which must be immediately altered. The amount of money (and careers dedicated to this) is staggering.