Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Islam and Catholicism as nationalism

"The Prophet Muhammad when assessed fairly, undoubtedly emerges as the greatest national hero that any country ever produced.
His greatness, however, lies in masterfully exploiting the concept of Prophethood, which, being an integral tradition of the Middle Eastern culture, is less spiritual and more political.

Prophethood is based on the doctrine of revelation: it means that God, the Creator, loves mankind so much that He wants to guide the human creatures to save them from hell. In return for this favour, God demands absolute submission, that is, man must worship the All-Mighty and live by his laws without ever questioning their purpose, validity and relevance.
The medium of revelation i.e. the person through whom God is supposed to reveal His will, is called the Prophet; he is God's Agent on earth. Since God cannot be seen or contacted, the Prophet's word begins to rank as the Word of God, and the Creator, for total lack of direct communication with people, recedes into the background. As a result, the Prophet, who (apparently) claims to be God's most humble servant, rises as the dominant force in God-Prophet relationship. It is he who comes to hold the keys of paradise. Therefore, a person must believe in the Prophet to qualify for heaven; he who believes in God alone, cannot rank as a believer; he is an infidel and must go to hell, no matter how righteous he may be !
This exposes the true nature of Prophethood. If its purpose is to glorify God and guide people to righteousness, then how is it that salvation depends upon believing in the Prophet, and belief in God counts for nothing ? Again, if the aim of Prophethood is to spread righteousness, then how can a righteous person be thrown into hell just for not acknowledging the Prophet ? Even more baffling is the fact that God becomes powerless in relation to the Prophet because there is nothing that He can do for those who believe in Him alone.
Since Prophethood seeks to elevate a Prophet at the expense of God, it has, obviously, nothing to do with God or guidance. It is just a political device of the Middle Eastern origin, which enables its operator to achieve his ambitions under the pretence of spirituality. With a view to bridling the curious human mind, the doctrine of Prophethood discourages free will, which is the fountain of free-thinking, enquiry and social progress. Instead, it imposes complete hegemony of fate on man to drive him as if he were an ass."

Excerpts from "The Arab Imperialism" by Anwar Sheikh.

"I am Roman, because Rome, from as early as the Consul Marius and the deified Julius and up to the time of Theodosius, outlined the first configuration of my France. I am Roman, because Rome, the Rome of priests and popes, added the everlasting solidity of feeling, custom, language, and worship to the political achievement of Roman generals, administrators, and magistrates. I am Roman, because if my forefathers had not been Roman as I am, the first barbarian invasion, between the fifth and tenth centuries, would have made me today some sort of German or Norwegian. I am Roman, because, had it not been for my tutelary Romanism, the second barbarian invasion, which took place in the sixteenth century, namely the Protestant one, would have transformed me into some sort of Swiss. I am Roman from the moment that I give myself completely over to my historical, intellectual, and moral being. I am Roman, because, if I were not, I would no longer have virtually anything of Frenchness about me. And I experience no difficulty whatsover in feeling Roman in this way, the interests of Roman Catholicism and those of France being nearly always identical and nowhere contradictory"

Charles Maurras


  1. Mr. Sheikh is not the first to point out the political nature or may I call it fake spirituality of Islam. In particular in comparison with Christianity, which was from the start a kingdom out of this world. One may say that Mohamed has accepted the devil's promise of power, the one that Christ refused. There is link between these 2 options and natural law, and as J.Peterson said in one of his lectures, when you align yourself with the nature, the whole structure of the Universe is holding you up. This is how I see Christ.
    Mind you, I am talking about Christ, not one church or the other. The church is our creation, and it reflects the way we understand Christ or not.

    1. Very interesting, anonymous.

    2. I wrote this on the subject. The old Jew quoted in the 7th century document said something similar. http://pvewood.blogspot.ro/2013/05/did-muhammad-exist-yes-probably.html?m=1