Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Newborn babies good, unborn babies dispensible

10 million babies may die in the first months of life over the next ten years whose lives could be saved if mothers were offered the right services. So said the man reading the news on the BBC World Service this morning. He asked
'Why is it so hard to prevent deaths in the first month of life?'
He was talking about a new UNICEF report. Babies born in rich countries, the report unsurprisingly states, have a high chance of survival, while the number of newborn deaths in poor countries is alarmingly high.

This is very sad and something should be done. Aid donors, rich countries in other words, should do something. So should the poor countries concerned.

But notice the difference between UNICEF's and the BBC's concern for new born babies and unborn babies. They show no concern for unborn babies.


  1. Every person who can't mind their own business about abortion should be forced to adopt at least one unwanted child, rear it, and pay for its upbringing. Especially single men.

    1. People should also mind their own business about murder. If I decide to commit murder what gives you the right to interfere with my decision? We should be pro-choice when it comes to murder. And those murder victims are just unwanted people anyway.

    2. Thank you for coming to my defence! There is something very cowardly about people who make personal remarks anonymously.

      By the way I do not think that single men should adopt children and there is an enormous number of couples who do want to adopt children and pay for their upbringing.

      And I speak with authority about abortion having once been a foetus.

  2. "This is very sad and something should be done."

    If anything should be done is to make contraception and abortion cheaper and more accessible in Africa and in other third world countries. If everyone was standing on eachother's heads Catholics would still say there is not enough people in the world. Pennti Linkola wrote:

    "What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes and there is only one lifeboat? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship's axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides."

    I love this quote because it cuts to the heart of the matter so well. Pro-lifers are deeply anti-life.

  3. Abortion is certainly not ideal, but is legal in most countries and there is very little the antis can do about it. Until not long ago women with the misfortune to have out of wedlock pregnancies were shamed for it and in some places still are -- people insisted on their having the kids, but reviled them for it at the same time. Not a good situation to be in.