Sunday, 11 March 2018

A basket of tweets


Peter Frankopan ‏(@peterfrankopan):
Reading the obituary of Nobel laureate Sir John Sulston - whose hobbies included ‘avoiding people’

Thomas Sowell (@ThomasSowell):
“As someone who has worked both in private industry and in academia, whenever I hear about academics wanting to teach ethics to people in business, I want to puke.”

Jeffrey Sachs (@JeffreyASachs):
On issue after issue, young people aged 18-34 are the MOST tolerant of potentially offensive speech *and trending upward*, while older Americans are the least. Play around with the Age filter and see for yourself. 

Noah Coslov‏ @NoahCoslov:
Last night, WKU’s Rick Stansbury addressed sideline reporter Laura Britt as “honey”

Michael Shermer (@michaelshermer):
When I debate Christians, Jews, Creationists, climate deniers etc. they are unfailingly polite, respectful, thoughtful, discerning, & listen to my arguments. Far Left SJWs do not. They simply look for fault & pounce.

Brittany Pettibone (@BrittPettibone):
Getting really tired of reading tweets declaring, "Germany is lost, Sweden is lost, the U.K. is lost, etc."
If you want to give up and quit, fine. But plenty of people haven't given up and are determined to keep fighting as long as their efforts are needed.
[She is a young American woman who came to England intending to speak about threats to freedom of speech at Speakers' Corner but, since she tweeted this, has been arrested and is being deported before she can do so.]

Matt Pearce ‏Verified account @mattdpearce:
The adjective “populist” appears 14 times in this story. What does it mean?

Matt Pearce Verified account @mattdpearce:
Follow-up question: Why was the word “populist” never used to describe the West Virginia teachers protesting over low pay?

Jeffrey Lewis (@ArmsControlWonk):
North Korea has been seeking a summit with an American president for more than twenty years. It has literally been a top foreign policy goal of Pyongyang since Kim Jong Il invited Bill Clinton.

Jeffrey Lewis (@ArmsControlWonk):
PS: To be clear -- we need to talk to North Korea. But Kim is not inviting Trump so that he can surrender North Korea's weapons. Kim is inviting Trump to demonstrate that his investment in nuclear and missile capabilities has forced the United States to treat him as an equal.

Robert Peston Retweeted Matthew Holehouse
This makes me want to retire as a journalist, because I have been desperate to put Brexit in a simple nutshell, and the bloomin’ PM of Luxembourg has done it perfectly. Impossible to better. Sigh

Matthew Holehouse‏ @mattholehouse
Lux PM Bettel: "They were in with a load of opt-outs. Now they are out, and want a load of opt-ins.”

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  1. No surprise, Pettibone has been detained by British police for trying to enter the UK

    The UK government is replacing the British people with low IQ aliens while keeping out those who would warn them of what is being done to them.