Thursday, 1 March 2018

Hope dies last

Hope Hicks resigned as White House communications director. 

Time to recycle the joke from when Anthony Scaramucci was ejected: in the future everyone will be White House press secretary for 15 minutes. 

Freddy Gray writes about the resignation here

He is deputy editor of The Spectator but misuses the word 'fulsome'. 

At least he is grammatical. I have detected two grammatical errors made by Matthew D'Ancona and he is a fellow of All Souls.

CNN says the President asked her how she could be so stupid as to admit, while testifying for nine hours before the House intelligence committee yesterday, to telling "white lies" on his behalf.

Laura McGann wrote a story in Vox under the title
When does Hope Hicks get to be a “wunderkind” instead of a “former model”? 
The media undermined Hicks with sexist language right up until her last day.

“Hicks was an improbable campaign press secretary and senior White House official,” the Associated Press wrote Wednesday. “A former Ralph Lauren fashion model and public relations pro who worked for Trump’s daughter Ivanka, Hicks had no political background when Trump asked her to serve on his campaign.” 

None of this coverage mentioned the salient fact that Hicks’s modeling career spanned ages 10 to 16. She landed the Ralph Lauren deal at age 11. By 16 she had quit her part-time modeling job to focus on her true passion, lacrosse. She went on to be the captain of her college club team at Southern Methodist University, where, her college coach told NPR, she never mentioned modeling.

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  1. Ms Hicks did have an ability to make a difficult (to put it mildly) man at something approaching ease. If she can't handle this White House, who can?