Monday, 9 April 2018

Hungary delivers a kick to globalism

"Not in nationalism does one find the main key to the epoch of the early Soviet years, but in the destructive whirlwind of internationalism, estranged from any feeling of nationality or traditions." Solzhenitsyn

Viktor Orban and the coalition he leads has won a third landslide victory in a row in Hungary with a thirds majority in Parliament, large enough to amend the constitution. The more right-wing party Jobbik came second with 20% while the reformed Communists won only 12%.

Brussels will take it very badly. 

The untruths in the media shock me. The Daily Telegraph's Peter Forster said a few minutes ago that
Viktor Orban won another landslide with a campaign drenched in ethno-nationalism and unabashed anti-semitism.
I saw no reports of any antisemitism. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is a friend of Viktor Orban and last year backed his policy of not taking migrants in a conversation which was recorded and made public.
The language was foul. Mr Orban talked about refugees as “Muslim invaders” and openly revived the meme of the Wandering Jew as part of his war against George Soros, the liberal Jewish billionaire.

The accusation of anti-semitism and is a dreadful defamation, unworthy of a quality paper.

I am an admirer of the Habsburg empire rather than a nationalist. I suppose 'ethno nationalism' in this context means someone who does not want non-Hungarians to settle in Hungary in big numbers. As Hungary has been forced against her will to be a nation state since 1919 I can't see why this is objectionable. But let that pass.

The Daily Telegraph for years has described Mr Orban as far right. Recently they described the Austrian Prime Minister as far right. And the Telegraph is the leading British Conservative paper.

I am told by Hungarians that their government is corrupt and I assume the people who tell me so are right. I don't know if the left were equally corrupt. But wanting marriage to be only between men and women and wanting to exclude Muslim migrants are the flags under which Orban and his enemies fight. Reader, you know your views on these things.

The more I think about politics I think that people choose their political camp and accept what that camp serves them. Republicans who were horrified by Donald Trump become his supporters. People who would once have thought homosexual marriage incredible and opposed restrictions on free speech now support both. And so it goes. 

And it goes mostly in a socially liberal direction, but not in Hungary.

Here is a quotation from an article by Dr. Maria Schmidt, director general of the House of Terror Museum in Budapest, which commemorates the victims of Nazism and Communism and annoys some people by treating the two as equally bad things.

"The 68-ers were and have remained utopians. The difference nowadays is that they are not aiming at worldwide socialism, worker self-management or the elimination of exploitation, et cetera, for they are leading lives too comfortable to do so. Instead, their main causes are universal human rights, free markets and trade, the priority to be given to financial markets, that which is globalisation. The new equality they stand for will be achieved through the Holy Trinity of multiculturalism, globalism and immigration. And with it, a Brave New World will be created...... 

"Anyone who holds patriotism, religious faith, the role of the family as being important, anyone who rejects gender theory or dares to question the multicultural future envisaged for him or her, is considered an enemy by western elites."
Meanwhile Jean-Claude Juncker went to Warsaw yesterday and praised Poalnd for taking in Ukrainian refugees but later said
I do not accept them saying, ‘we do not accept coloured people, Muslims, or homosexuals in our territory’. It is a major violation of European fundamental values.”
What a mess Europe is in. 

The mistake was the Maastricht treaty which officially changed the name of the European Economic Community's name to European Community, though the latter name had been used by Eurocrats for years. Immigration and refugee policy should be entirely a matter for countries and for peoples. Immigration is an existential matter for countries and not one that can be given to foreigners.


  1. The BBC (and the rest of the "mainstream media" and the education system) are going to be confused. They have ignored Jobbik - because it does not fit their narrative that Fidesz is a "Fascist" party. Now that Jobbik is the official opposition it will be hard to ignore the truth. Even if one accepts that Jobbik is "Fascist" (personally I think they are just stupid - promising higher wages for all with no way to pay for the promise) how can the government of Hungarian be "Fascist" when Prime Minister Orban has been the arch ENEMY of Jobbik for years?

  2. The former socialist Prime Minister of Hungary (what the BBC calls the "centre left") made a private speech years ago boasting about how the socialists had "fucking lied" to the people about everything, and that their objective was to destroy "this fucking country" (Hungary). The speech went public (do not deliver a private speech to over a hundred people - someone will be recording it). Some leftists (such as Mr Blair) are delusional and sincerely think they are doing good - the Hungarian left (those heirs to Bela Kun) have no such illusions. Their conscious and deliberate intention is to do as much as harm as possible - and they are motivated by hatred of ordinary people (especially traditional rural Hungarians). The first Marxist dictator of Hungary after the conquest by the Soviet Union, was one of Bela Kun's henchpersons - he had not been executed after the Marxist regime collapsed in Hungary, and had been let out of prison in return for the sending back of 19th century Hungarian flags (of historical importance) that had been sent to the Soviet Union. He returned in 1945 and just carried on where he left off in 1919. Only a small minority of Hungarians from Jewish families had turned to Marxism - but a disproportionate number of senior Marxists (in the early days - not later) were such people. It was a form of "double alienation" - they were alienated from Hungarian society (because of their "Jewishness"), but also HATED JUDAISM (Mr Soros is a classic example of the type - he has always basically frothed at the mouth about religious Jews, he hates them to an insane degree just as his mother did, ditto his hated of Zionists). This left them with no identity at all - and Marxism filled the void. Human beings need beliefs - and if they reject healthy beliefs they end up drinking poison.