Monday, 28 May 2018

Caroline Macafee: Tommy Robinson is a working-class hero, our Lech Walesa

I do not know very much about Tommy Robinson. I know that he is a pariah in England. Some of the few other things I know about him are to his credit. In particular, Douglas Murray, having assumed he was a fascist, has changed his mind about him and come to like him. This means a lot to me, as I hugely admire Mr. Murray . 

I hope I am wrong but I think that the authorities, who are afraid of Tommy (his real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), have for years used the law against him for what look to me like political motives. In England! This is what Douglas Murray reports in his excellent book, published last year, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.

Robinson or Yaxley-Lennon has now been sentenced to thirteen months in prison for contempt of court, but it is illegal in the U.K. to report that he is in prison.

Nothing is known for sure about what led to his sentence except that he was filming outside a court where a trial was proceeding. Yesterday I, like many people, felt he had been treated very badly, but I am changing my mind. He was given a suspended sentence for contempt of court last year and this warning:

However, I am very afraid that he may be murdered in prison. A man sent to prison in England for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a mosque (it would be considered freedom of speech in the USA, but in the UK this is a crime) was murdered.

Dr. Caroline Macafree gave me permission to publish her thoughts.

Tommy Robinson has a working-class contempt for authority and has been getting into scrapes all his life. This pugnacious attitude has been cemented by the blatantly unfair treatment that he, and his class, have received for decades, while the authorities have paraded their favouritism/appeasement towards Muslims.

But the things for which he's been arrested and imprisoned - entering the USA on somebody else's passport to give a speech when he was banned from travelling, defending himself when physically attacked, helping out a family member with a little mortgage irregularity - these are not things for which a person would normally be imprisoned. It's the Al Capone approach (if we can't get him for anything else, we'll get him for tax evasion). Notably not used on the many Islamist enemies of the state.

But this ordinary man has found a hero within himself. The EDL, which he founded, was responsible for the Muslim rape gangs being brought to justice. Without their agitation, it might never have happened. (A young female member of Tommy's own family had been a victim.) When in prison (on one of these minor charges), he suffered physical attacks from the Muslim gangs who run the day-to-day life of UK prisons (while the warders turned a blind eye), and ended up spending months on end in solitary for his own protection. He used that time to read and inwardly digest the Koran.

The figure most like him, I think, is Lech Walesa. Not quite politically astute enough to fill a national leadership role, but man enough to set the ball rolling.

He has found a niche as a journalist with the Rebel Media, and he is articulate in his way, and extremely well informed. He can hold his own with anybody, and has won the grudging respect of people like Douglas Murray (who is on record as regretting that, when first approached by Tommy Robinson after a speaking engagement, he told him to f--- off). His stature is now recognised internationally, as witness the current outrage about his arrest.


  1. I'm told that, like a number of other reporters recently, TR has left Rebel Media.