Monday, 28 May 2018

Abortion - the old landmarks are gone

Almost everyone outside Ireland seems to be cheering the Irish referendum resultBreitbart came up with this headline: 

Childless Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May Celebrate Pro-Abortion Vote in Ireland
When the Southern Irish voted to keep the ban on divorce it was understood that another referendum would be held on the issue. It was and divorce won the second time, by less than 51 percent of the vote. Had divorce lost the second referendum there would have been a third. Then no more referendums. 

So it will be with homosexual marriage and abortion. Everyone understands this but I wonder who decides, and on what grounds, that some decisions are final and others not.

I am sorry but not surprised about the Irish referendum result but I still think referendums a wonderful idea and agree with this tweet:
Stefan Molyneux (@StefanMolyneux):It's a strange world when the Irish can have a referendum on abortion - which lowers birthrates - but not one Western country can have a referendum on mass third world immigration..
More tweets.
Coffee House (@SpecCoffeeHouse):
The same people who have spent two years in moral meltdown at the fact that Britons were given a referendum on membership of the EU are now beside themselves with joy over the abortion referendum in Ireland. Why is that, asks Brendan O’Neill

Mark Littlewood (@MarkJLittlewood):Am already looking forward to a second referendum in Ireland on abortion to make doubly sure that the electorate really did know what the the hell they were voting for. Am hoping Gina Miller will litigate to force a re-run.
What I found very odd is the Sunday Times' lead headline "Leading Tory women revolt against May" over a story that four British Conservative women politicians, the current and former Equalities Ministers, want to make abortion illegal in Northern Ireland. 

This is very odd, first because abortion is always considered a matter of conscience not a party political issue, secondly because it is a matter purely for the Northern Ireland government under the devolution arrangements which we are told are so highly sensitive when it comes to the way the border works after Brexit, thirdly because the DUP, on whose votes the Tories depend for their majority, strongly oppose abortion being legal, but most of all, for someone of my age, because traditionally 'leading Tory women', who sometimes wore hats and often worked in the party organisation rather than sitting in the House, used to oppose abortion and many other now modish things. 

The big philosophical question for me is why does a Conservative government have an equalities minister? For me conservatives should oppose equality as the antithesis of liberty and positively be in favour of inequality, which is also known as social hierarchy. And so Conservatives were till Tony Blair, as Leader of the Opposition asked the Prime Minister John Major in the House of Commons if he were in favour of equality and received the reply
Have you noticed that abortion is increasingly seen by British and European (but not American) politicians of left, right and centre as something sacred in the inchoate secular religion of human rights?

I give the last word to one Professor Peter Kreeft, who said
“Abortion is the Antichrist’s demonic parody of the Eucharist. That is why it uses the same holy words, ‘This is my body,’ with the blasphemously opposite meaning.”


  1. Homosexual marriage seems to many a demonic parody too but that is a separate subject.

  2. The fact that it was part of the Irish Constitution reflects the reality that at one time the Irish people understood that abortion is the calculated murder of innocent people. What has changed is that the current generation of Irish people have simply decided that this doesn’t matter. That’s not a definition of progressive values but regressive ones. Expect eugenics and euthanasia to be next on the list of our infanticide celebrants.

  3. David in Belgrade28 May 2018 at 14:10

    @ Paul
    "The big philosophical question for me is why does a Conservative government have an equalities minister?"

    Because it isn't a conservative government.

    Because the Conservative and Unionist Party is conservative in name only.

  4. Sorry, Lord SourGrapes. Women take care of and increasingly pay for children. Let them make the decision whether or not to have them.

    1. I was an unborn baby once and so am entitled to have an attention. I know people who were adopted as babies who thank God they were born before abortion was legalised.

    2. Women take care and pay for children?? How false! Then pray tell, why are there such draconian paternal child support laws? Why is there such generous child support welfare for single moms?
      The main point here is not whether abortion is legal or not. The point is whether there should be any laws criminalizing or defending abortions. In my view, there should be no such laws, and in particular there should be no public funding abortions or for single moms. No matter what side is in control at a certain point there are victims. Years back abortions were illegal in Romania, and there were many young mothers murdered by that law. Now there is a crowd of unborn people being murdered. Abortion is between the parents, the unborn child, and God. There is absolutely no doubt that abortion is a tragedy not only for the unborn but for the mother as well.

  5. Listening to people in the Irish Republic (via television) the "Yes" campaign has been about saving the lives of women via abortion. The problem with that is that abortion when the life of the mother was in danger was ALREADY LEGAL in the Republic of Ireland. People do not seem to grasp that they have just voted for ABORTION ON DEMAND (for any reason - or no reason - at least for 12 weeks). Now that may be what they want - but they should say so, clearly, Not pretend that their vote was about abortion in cases where the life of the mother was in danger.

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