Saturday, 16 June 2018

Happy pride month in Canada!


CBC, the Canadian state-owned broadcasting company, has broadcast this clip 
which repays watching and posted it on the net under the rubric:
Happy pride month! Jessi Cruickshank talks with kids about gay pride and being gay allies
The children look about seven or eight and are ardent believers in sexual diversity.
Jessi Cruickshank asks the little innocents
I'm not gay but I'm a gay ally. Are you gay allies?
Yes, they chorus. 

I suppose none of them are being brought up as Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims or the traditional sort of Christians or Jews.

Rod Liddle, from whose Facebook wall I copied it, says Canada is fast becoming his least favourite country. I feel the same.

Yesterday, the Canadian Supreme Court upheld a decision whereby Trinity Western University's law degrees would not be accepted as valid by the legal profession. Trinity Western University is an Evangelical university in British Columbia that requires students, when they matriculate, to adhere to a 'covenant' that allows sexual intimacy only in marriage, marriage meaning marriage between a man and woman.

Law societies in Ontario and British Columbia decided that they would not license graduates from Trinity Western to be lawyers because the covenant amounts to discrimination against homosexuals and, after being sued, they have won. This is now settled law in Canada and will be a precedent in the future.


  1. Canada is horrifying but not really significantly worse than the rest of the western world. The West is determined on suicide. Maybe it's for the best. Maybe a civilisation as decadent as ours deserves to die.

    1. No, we must fight back, which is part of why we blog. People are misled by the schoolmasters, academics and journalists.