Monday, 15 October 2018

The Bavarian revolution


Political earthquake

“CSU, at 35.5 percent, loses its absolute majority and is below 40 percent the first time since 1954. SPD below 10 percent, loses half of its electorate and enters the territory of irrelevance. Greens are the new centre-left force; AfD enters another state Parliament.”

The Greens, who campaigned for more immigrants, scare me to death.

One minor German Green Party politician, Dr. Stefanie von Berg, told the Hamburg parliament in 2015, 

"Our society will change. Our society will change radically. In 20-30 years there will no longer be a German majority. We will live in a supercultural society. This is what we will have in the future. And I want to make it very clear, especially to right-wingers: This is a good thing!"

She is not at all important but she spoke for all Greens and many Social Democrats.

The Guardian saw the vote as an endorsement of the Greens' immigration policy and punishment of the CSU for taking a hard line on the issue. The Guardian may be right.

Christianity and big families are the answer, but I don't have any place whatsoever saying this as I am a bachelor. The Pope should be saying it, instead of what he is saying about no need to breed like rabbits, while urging more migrants on Europe and seeking outreach to homosexuals.

Germans were so denazified that conservatism has been almost impossible for a long time except in former DDR. Germany will be the last country to wake up to the danger, but she will. Germany needs a Donald Trump, though she doesn't know it.


  1. Christianity is the belief system that says that every violent 70 IQ negroid running rampage through once beautiful white cities like Paris has an everlasting soul of inestimable value so we can never treat them as an undifferentiated mass that we would be wise to protect out society from. We must treat them as valuable individuals who need our love and support and endless tax money in order to make successful contributions to our society. Even though no blacks ever in recorded history have ever built a successful society that any normal White person would want to live in. They as a people are totally worthless to us. We can see they have no value to us, yet Christianity teaches us that they do, against the evidence of our own eyes. Christianity is a cult which tries to bulls**t our sense organs.

    The type of society you want to live in, Christianity makes impossible because of its moral dogmas. Here you have the Pope going to Lampadusa migling with the invasive parasites demanding that they be integrated into Italy where women dont even have children anymore. Italian women have forgotten what their vaginas are for.

    Christianity brings life into things? People had plenty of babies under Nazism even Communism but they dont have babies under Catholicism. It’s a death cult.

    Christians are not principled. None of their principles lead them to come in the way of the agenda set by the powers that be. Christians don’t like the culture being created but will never blame it on the Jews that are producing this culture. They still use the fake term “Judeo-Christian” kidding themselves that the Jews are in some way their allies. What Jewish group has ever taken a stand against the filth put out by their co-ethnics in Hollywood, the music industry or porn industry? To the extent that Christians even notice that the cultural rot has actual sources, they’ll call them “Germans” rather than Jews. Hitler kicked all the Frankfurt School out of Germany but a Christian cuckold will always call them “Germans” never Jews. Because they have no courage. That is the defining feature of Christians. They don’t have the courage of their convictions. They never live the way they say they should. It’s all external show. In my life I’ve seen maybe two or three Christians live in a principled way and hundreds of them that live in an unprincipled way. And it goes above and beyond the natural hypocrisy that all hominids exhibit. It’s something inherently wrong with the cult itself. It has really enfeebled us to the core. The adoption of christianity was the worst thing that has ever happened to us. It is really an immensely sick and destructive force. We need to let this Jesus cult die otherwise Europe is lost.

  2. I'm not that sure that the CSU was punished for its hard line against immigration. The 10% that it has lost since the previous election five years ago are now counted by the AfD. The Freie Wähler (Free Voters) also gained some 2% and they are mostly ex-CSU people. So one can say that its voters moved to the right and punished it not for its hard line against immigration but for it being part of the governing coalition and its immigration policy. I think the borders borders between camps did not change much: what the CSU lost went to the AfD, what the SPD lost went to the Greens. In both cases people moved away from the centre. In both cases the parties were punished for governing together with the arch-enemy, and therefore people shifted to "purer" parties, that cling harder to ideology.

    Apparently potential rebels in the CDU keep quiet and wait it out until the elections in Hesse in two weeks time. Ahead of CDU congress in December Schäuble hinted at the potentially weakened position of Merkel, said that she will definitely win a new mandate as party chairwoman "if she candidates", leaving open the possibility that she does not. I think she'll never step back voluntarily. She must be forced down by her party.

    I am suprised with the weak result of the AfD. I have the impression that the AfD has already reached a plateau despite the predictions of some that in time it will become a "Volkspartei" (a party that has the potential to appeal to all social classes) and wrestle with the CDU as equals.

    AfD's result mirrors that of the Sweden Democrats', where everybody tipped the SD to win big and in the end they remained a side-show.

    Continuing the Sweden theme: The designated person to build a government in Sweden, belonging to the block of centre-right parties, has announced his failure and asked the speaker of the Parliament to designate a new person to try. Now it's the turn of the block of centre-left parties to try. They have one seat more than the centre-right parties. If four attempts fail then they must call new elections. I think the two blocks will do whatever it takes, including minority governments or a "GroKo" (Große Koalition) government on the German model, in order to avoid the new elections scenario.

    1. I am surprised with the weak result of the AfD.

      The various nationalist parties in Europe today are entirely irrelevant. Europeans would rather die than be identified with nationalism. In fact dying is exactly what they're going to do. But even if European civilisation is utterly destroyed it doesn't matter. The important thing is that no-one can accuse the Europeans of being Nazis!

      The only chance of any real change would be the emergence of some kind of left-wing populism. And by left-wing I mean left-wing, left-wing as in let's bring down capitalism, not the fake left of identity politics and diversity. Old School left. Lining bankers up against the wall and shooting them, that sort of thing.

      It might seem unlikely but it's more likely to succeed than nationalism or right-wing populism, both of which are identified in most people's minds as being basically Nazi.

      Left-wing populism might get you labelled as a communist but that doesn't destroy your political credibility the way the accusation of being a Nazi does. Being Literally Hitler is political death. Being Literally Stalin or Literally Mao is no great problem.

    2. The Guardian the BBC and the media generally loved to say the CSU were punished for making patriotic noises about immigration. To some extent among some voters this will have been true, so decadent are Germans, but your explanation that the right and left camps remained much the same size is convincing. It is impossible to say that the AfD and Swedish Democrats have plateaued. If they have that means Germany and Sweden will continue to tolerate mass migration indefinitely. I do not believe this.

  3. This is why it's complete folly to think that electoral politics can save the West. The response of Bavarians to everything that has happened in the past few years is to turn to the Greens, the only party that is even crazier, even more anti-German, even more destructive than the established parties. These people want their society to be destroyed. They're going to get their wish.

    Once again the nationalist challenge, from the AfD, has turned out to be pitiful. Nine out of ten Bavarians want Bavaria destroyed.

    1. Bottom line is that Germans believe they should be destroyed for being uniquely evil. Uniquely evil because their grandfathers killed millions of Jews using lice killer in gas chambers with wooden doors. So determined were they to wipe out the Jews they never even had to spend any time formally documenting their plans. They managed it effortlessly through word of mouth (and nods, winks and code words) since they all were on the same evil page.

      In fact, they were so evil that they made gassing the Jews an even bigger priority than winning the war despite not bothering to build any extra crematory ovens (or lacking the basic maths skills to work out they would need to) So they are uniquely stupid as well as evil.

      Now if you’ve had this story pumped into your head religiously since before the age when the internet allowed you to access uncensored sources, you would have a hard time giving it up. But for as long as Germans continue to believe it they’re not going to support any pro-survival movement. The best thing that the AfD can do is concentrate on reversing les that criminalise Holoskepticism. Otherwise they’re putting the cart before the horse.

    2. This is distasteful and very unhistorical. There is absolutely no doubt that millions of Jewish non combatants were murdered by the Germans in the war.
      I myself met a Jew who was in Auschwitz. In addition to this the Germans have many more war crimes to feel guilty about. They murdered more than three million Soviet prisoners, for example. They also invaded Poland, thus starting an unjust war with Poland and her allies .

    3. Dfordoom, yes the Greens are extremely worrying. They and the ex Communists are the extremists.