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after resigning as Prime Minister on this day in 1957, Anthony Eden went on a cruise, where he met John Prescott:

G. K. Chesterton‏: The special mark of the modern world is not that it is skeptical, but that it is dogmatic without knowing it.

Lord Macaulay: "The Puritans hated bear-baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure to the spectators."

Cardinal Manning said to Hilaire Belloc when he was just 20: "All human conflict is ultimately theological." Belloc said Manning meant "that all wars and revolutions and all decisive struggles between parties of men arise from a difference in moral and transcendental doctrine."

Rep. Eric Swalwell‏ Verified account @RepSwalwell Jan 5
“Mr. Gorbachev, put up a wall.” Said no President.

Rep. Eric Swalwell ‏Verified account @RepSwalwell
My favorite part of the conservative outrage responses to this tweet is the “but the Berlin Wall was to keep people in” argument. Missing ENTIRELY that a wall is a wall no matter what side of it you are on. It’s medieval. It’s a symbol of “us and not us.” And that is not U.S.

News item in yesterday's The Oxford Student:
A petition to remove Emeritus Professor of Law and Legal Philosophy John Finnis from teaching has attracted three hundred and fifty signatures in five days. Finnis has been accused of having “a long record of extremely discriminatory views against many groups of disadvantaged people”, including the LGBTQ community. Finnis co-teaches a series of seminars for postgraduate students who choose to take the jurisprudence and political theory course in the BCL or M.Jur degree. Remarks highlighted by the authors of the petition as particularly discriminatory include a comment from his Collected Essays in which he suggests that homosexual conduct is “never a valid, humanly acceptable choice and form of life” and is “destructive of human character and relationships” because “it treats human sexual capacities in a way which is deeply hostile to the self-understanding of those members who are willing to commit themselves to real marriage”. This essay was published in 2011 but refers to arguments he made in a previous essay from 1994.

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  1. 17 years later and $1.07 trillion short, guess who tops the list of ...

    "28 Countries the US Government Doesn’t Want You to Go To"

    1. Afghanistan
    > Advisory level: Level 4: do not travel
    > Last updated: July 9
    > Population: 34.7 million
    > GDP per capita: $580

    With the Taliban and ISIS still forces to be reckoned with, the State Department has advised that travel to all areas of Afghanistan is unsafe because of high levels of kidnappings, hostage taking, suicide bombings, military combat operations, landmines, and terrorist and insurgent attacks. Terrorists have targeted Afghan and U.S. government convoys and facilities as well as non-governmental organization offices, hospitals, places of worship, restaurants, hotels, airports, and schools.

    By John Harrington and Samuel Stebbins January 7, 2019 12:37 pm EST