Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Cardinal Cupich: homosexuality is not a cause of the abuse crisis

Former Cardinal McCarrick interfered with a vulnerable 11 year old and continued relations with him for almost two decades. But homosexuality is not a cause of the abuse crisis, Cardinal Cupich has said at the start of the The Vatican Global Conference on Clergy Sexual Abuse and Cardinal Cupich is an honourable man. So are they all, all honourable men.

I read today, in the article in the (very) liberal Catholic magazine Commonweal by Kenneth L. Woodward that I quoted earlier, that the John Jay report found that only 5% of priests who abuse children abuse pre-pubescent children. I thought 80% of victims were aged 11 or over. 

Mr Woodward says Cardinal Cupich is right that homosexuality is not the cause of the pederasty that is afflicting the Church, but if his 5% figure were true I do not understand his reasoning. 

He does however say that 
One cannot deny that homosexuality has played a role in the abuse scandals and their coverup, and to dismiss this aspect as homophobia one would have to be either blind or dishonest.

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