Thursday, 23 May 2019

The whole British cabinet deserves firing

The attempts by  her party to get rid of Theresa May remind me of the honeymoon of King Zog of Albania. While the King and Queen Geraldine cruised the Mediterranean there were no fewer than thirty attempts to murder him on the part of agents of Mussolini. It sounds like a Marx brothers film. Finally he had to dismiss his cook, telling the Queen
"I love that man but he keeps trying to murder me."
Theresa May will go but her whole cabinet is complicit in her Withdrawal Agreement, at least up until the point yesterday when they learnt that the Bill included proposals to bind the UK into a customs union with the EU and to hold a second referendum. This had not been disclosed to the cabinet which is supposed to be running the country.

Confusingly, Mrs May and the government oppose both these things and Labour would be free to move amendments to put them in the bill, so it is very odd that the bill includes them to start with. It's said that all Prime Ministers go mad in the end. Is Mrs. May close to the edge?

Since the whole point of Brexit is to return powers to Parliament even this is arguably not really a hill to die on, though Angela Leadsom has chosen to do so. Angela Leadsom makes up in ambition for what she lacks in brains, but this was a no brainer on her part. She has helped her chances of becoming the next leader. 

In her letter of resignation she chose to pass over the fact that she is a mother.
Mentioning that in an interview is the reason she pulled out of the leadership election in 2016 allowing Theresa May to become Prime Minister without a contest. In the mad world of political correctness this was a grave offence.

The cabinet is not just complicit in Mrs. May's Brexit agreement. They are complicit in Theresa May's 1970s-style policies to put workers on the boards of companies and for quotas of women (what could be less conservative or more authoritarian?), to reduce the 'gender pay gap' (but is she taking account of the fact that married and unmarried women women often prefer to work in less well-paid jobs for all sorts of good reasons?), to make it illegal for pscychotherapists to encourage homosexuals to be attracted to the opposite sex and to compel energy companies to lower their prices. 

Her conservatism is not Toryism, but dirigiste European Christian Democracy (which departs from traditional Christianity when it comes to homosexuality). Like Angela Merkel's Christian Democracy it's not really distinguishable from Social Democracy. 

The Tories opposed any minimum wage under Margaret Thatcher and John Major because it would destroy jobs (another and better reason is that it limits freedom of contract). Now a Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer wants the UK to have the highest minimum wage in the world.  I am not making this up.

Theresa May's has been the most left-wing government since Harold Wilson's, which raised taxes, wasted money and bequeathed Britain anti-discrimination and hate speech laws. The one good thing he did was keeping Britain out of the Vietnam war. 

Fortunately the Tories did not win the 2017 election. Had they done so Theresa May might have remade the country in her joyless, hectoring, politically correct image but her successor may be as bad and Jeremy Corbyn would be much worse.

Boris Johnson is not joyless and not complicit in the Chequers Agreement because he was shamed into resigning, after David Davis did the day before him. Both men originally signed up to it though while sequestered at Chequers, after a very clear threat from the Prime Minister that they would have to walk several miles without their ministerial cars if they resigned on the spot. 

Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond are particularly objectionable but so many of the cabinet are, especially Jeremy Hunt who pretends to be Leave when he campaigned for Remain and now wants to double defence spending against non-existent enemies. This tub thumping is in the true sense of the word populism, as are the silly poses designed to look good in the tabloids of Sajid Javid. He, by the way, was a Secretary of State for Culture who had never been to the opera.

Loyalty, Lord Kilmuir said, is the Tories' secret weapon but they showed ruthlessness when they got rid of Lloyd George, Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher because the best interests of the party required it. On this occasion, Theresa May should have been despatched as soon as she lost the election she called unnecessarily and fought disastrously. The main reason why she wasn't is because most Tory MPs are Remainers frightened of a Brexiteer Prime Minister and leaving without a deal.

The past three years were a disastrous failure of cabinet government. The low point was when the cabinet was not permitted by the Prime Minister, backed up by the Cabinet Secretary whom Mrs May had brought from the Home Office, to vote on the Withdrawal Agreement. 

There was never real support in the cabinet for Mrs May's policy but the cabinet was too weak to overrule her.

The only possible reason for putting the latest version of the Withdrawal Agreement to a vote in the House is that it might pass with Labour votes, but this it never will. Labour will never agree to any Tory proposal that shares with them the responsibility for Brexit.

Now is time for a new Prime Minister, lots of new faces in a new cabinet and an end to Tory attempts to be Blairite or Wilsonian Labour instead of Tories. 

But deciding what policy they should pursue requires a really creative leader. 

One possibility might be the Norway option with free movement of Europeans, a border in Ireland and staying in the Single Market but not in a customs union. That might honour a not very large majority for Leave and get us out of the EU. If I had my way we'd at the same time resile from the ECHR and UN Convention on Refugees, to take back more control. Another possibility which I'd favour is leaving with no deal, if the House of Commons can be persuaded to agree - or, since they already have agreed, without putting the question to MPs again.


  1. The other parties lead the European vote - a substantial stance in favor of your proposal that can only seep into every other ballot & into the politics of expectations thereof...

  2. So Boris was threatened by May? This is laughable. And hardly with the thorough thrashing he richly deserves.
    If he were an honourable man he would have waddled to his car.

    1. What do you have against Boris? Use every man after his desert and who shall scape whipping?

  3. You are left-wing because your dad was and I am right-wing because mine was.

    1. Yes I voted Green today. Did you cast your vote for the galaphobic farage?

    2. I failed to register for the elections but would have had to vote for a Romanian party of course. The Greens are worse than Labour - worse than the communists or fascists too - but at least will never I trust win power.

    3. This is why Boris is the best leader the Tories can have at the moment. I did prefer Michael Gove but he is tarred with the brush of Mrs May's deal.

  4. 'Sajid Javid... never been to the opera'

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    We have it on the authority of Imam Ja’far As-Sadiq (a.s) that when Hadhrat Adam (a.s) died, his infamous son Cain (Qabil) and Satan were very happy. Both gathered at a place and invented some musical instruments to celebrate the death of Hadhrat Adam (a.s). And in the words of Imam (a.s), all such musical things which people now use for merrymaking have originated from that1.

    So, religion and anthropology both agree that music is a very ancient thing and therefore its no wonder that it has spread widely with the spread of the human race. But how dare a sensible ‘child of Adam’ especially if he is a Muslim "enjoy" music, which is an invention of Satan and Cain, the rebellious and disloyal son of Adam ?

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    1. I suspect he is just uncultured. He comes from a working class background but that is not a good reason for not liking opera or ballet. He said, 'My own family's heritage is Muslim. Myself and my four brothers were brought up to believe in God, but I do not practise any religion. My wife is a practising Christian and the only religion practised in my house is Christianity.'
      'I think we should recognise that Christianity is the religion of our country.'

  5. Nigel Farage: the ablest party leader in the UK since Margaret Thatcher.

    Conrad Moffat Black

  6. A suggestion for your next "Quotations" post.

    "I must've dreamed a thousand dreams
    Been haunted by a million screams
    But i can hear the marching feet
    They're moving into the street.
    Now did you read the news today
    They say the danger's gone away
    But i can see the fire's still alight
    There burning into the night.
    There's too many men
    Too many people
    Making too many problems
    And not much love to go round
    Can't you see
    This is a land of confusion."

    --Messrs. AG Banks, PGC Collins, M. Rutherford

  7. Looking back it was Boris's resignation that prevented Theresa May's withdrawal agreement passing the House.