Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Boris Johnson talks about God, women and multiracial London

Boris Johnson in an interview in Time in January 2015 said he was not a serious practicing Christian but thinks about religion a lot. He said his faith comes and goes like coverage of Magic FM (a radio station) in the Chilterns.

I thought that this clever remark was made by David Cameron, and so it was, but he was plagiarising Boris.

No period is more forgotten than the recent past. Back in January 2015 Boris said

“I think Brexit is possible ... [Britain] would very rapidly come to an alternative arrangement that protected our basic trading interests. I must be clear. I think there would be a pretty testy, scratchy period ... [but] it wouldn’t be disastrous.”
He said he does not miss monochrome 1970s London.

"Terrible stale gusts of beer and desiccated bleached white dog turds everywhere and old copies of [the sex magazine] Mayfair in bushes in the park.”
He is perfectly right that London in the 1970s was seedy - as was Britain in general- though it was also very multiracial too.

He speaks several languages, is partly Turkish and an American citizen. He convinced the interviewer that he was no Little Englander, nor is he, but are there any? What are the characteristics of a Little Englander by which you may recognise him? I think it's just a derogatory epithet. 

Johnson’s dual citizenship does not mean the so-called special relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. would be safe from shocks if he did make it to 10 Downing Street. He quotes, with relish, Churchill’s riposte to an aide who said, “We must kiss America on both cheeks.” “Yes,” said Churchill, “but not on all four.” (Churchill’s gag may in fact have involved Erance, but Boris isn’t a details man.)
He supported homosexual marriage and could not see what the fuss was about. I remember, years before, he had asked reasonably enough why, if two people of the same sex were allowed to marry, shouldn't three people be allowed to marry. But some years ago the idea of single sex marriage seemed absurd to almost everyone.

Boris is certainly not a conservative on sexual morality. In this article in that useful newspaper the Daily Mail, his former mistress Petronella Wyatt says he once grumbled that it was

'unreasonable that men should be confined to one woman'.

A friend of mine who knew Boris at Oxford tells me he is completely self-interested and - which my friend does not mind - very right-wing. Everyone thinks he is self-interested, and in a sense this is discounted in his price. But I cannot see how he is one whit more self-interested than Theresa May or Jeremy Hunt or George Osborne. There is no reason to beleive that Boris did not support Brexit on principle, after being undecided and persuaded to do so by Michael Gove. 

It is true, I am sure, that he felt supporting Brexit would serve his selfish interests too, but so what?

But I admire more people who supported Brexit even though they expected it would damage their careers.

He compares well with Theresa May, who is widely hated by MPs. Matthew Parris said of her not long ago: 
"She is mean. She is rude. She is cruel. She is stupid. I have heard that from almost everyone who has dealt with her.... It's crazy. That someone like her would end up in a job where the most important thing is to communicate, answer questions, make decisions."
I think Boris has a romantic vision of England. I know that both men are bad husbands but Boris also has a number of Donald Trump's good qualities, which are what the moment requires. Boris is Disraelian. Dizzy was a very sharp operator indeed, much more so than Boris, but a great Tory. 


  1. He speaks several languages, is partly Turkish and an American citizen.

    How on earth is an American citizen even allowed to stand for Parliament, much less become prime minister? Britain becomes more of a joke country by the day.

  2. Boris pushed Brexit then ran away. A better quitter than leader, with a Trump-like talent for putting on weight.