Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Catholic priests interfering with boys and, much more rarely, girls

I recently mentioned a German professor who is being prosecuted for making a link between paedophilia and homosexuality. 

I wrote about him out of concern about free speech, rather than interest in paedophilia, but on the subject of paedophilia it might be useful if I mentioned the 2004 'John Jay report' by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, based on surveys completed throughout the United States. It came to this conclusion about incidents of priests interfering with children:  
"The largest group of alleged victims (50.9%) was between the ages of 11 and 14, 27.3% were 15-17, 16% were 8-10 and nearly 6% were under age 7. Overall, 81% of victims were male and 19% female. 
"Male victims tended to be older than female victims. Over 40% of all victims were males between the ages of 11 and 14."
Two thirds of victims were 11 or older and 80% of all victims were boys. This is why  conservative priests and laymen say that 80% of the problem of child sex abuse is men preying on boys who have reached puberty, and therefore about homosexuality, but in fact the figures are not so clear. 

Few boys or girls of 11 have reached puberty. Many of 12 have not.  

What the figures do show is that nearly 22% of cases were certainly paedophilia in the accurate sense of the world, as opposed to hebephilia which means attraction to pubescent children. (Wikipedia confusingly says when defining the word hebephilia that pubescent means typically ages 11–14.) Paedophiles, we are told by experts, do not care which sex their victims are.

Though this is not always true. Lewis Carroll, who I am sure was attracted to pre-pubescent girls (his photographs of naked prepubescent girls are very repellent because clearly taken with erotic intent), said he loved all children except boys.

Of course priests come into contact with many more boys than girls - especially altar boys - altar girls are a recent invention.

It is alleged (but it never went to court) that former Cardinal McCarrick had sexual relations with a boy of eleven that continued until the victim was almost thirty.

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