Monday, 10 June 2019

German professor prosecuted for alleging link between paedophilia and homosexuality

Der Spiegel the German newspaper has the story that at a court in Kassel, Ulrich Kutschera, Professor of Biology at Kassel University, is being tried for slander for comments he made on a Catholic website about homosexual relationships, the unfitness of homosexuals to adopt children and links between homosexuality and paedophilia.

According to a statement by the public prosecutor's office in Kassel, the university teacher allegedly accused homosexual persons of a fundamental tendency towards sexual abuse of children in an interview. The professor is said to have defended his statements as based on biology.

According to the Spiegel article, Professor Kutschera had previously made comments on "gender identity" and pointed to studies that purportedly show

"that men across all cultures prefer significantly younger, more attractive, fertile, women with whom there is not much to discuss."
I am not clear whether these words too form part of the case against the professor.

Such prosecutions could happen in other countries in Europe, a continent where freedom of speech was permitted in all countries except the Communist and right-wing dictatorships until the 1960s. 

We are moving into a very unfree world, where only in the the USA does freedom of speech exist. And freedom of speech is not just a good in itself and, as liberals say, helps us make informed decisions, but it is a corollary of a just and civilised society. 

A society that does not permit the expression of ideas is not civilised. The members of such a society are helots.


  1. It is truly extraordinary how successful the LGBT mob has been in convincing people that male homosexuals have no interest whatsoever in young boys.

    1. And heterosexual men don't have an interest in young girls? Most women start getting hit on by adult men from the age on 13 onwards and nobody calls them pedophiles.

    2. I posted this story because of the lack of free speech in Germany not because I necessarily agree with the professor. Pedophilia means being sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children and hebephilia is sexual attraction to pubescent children. The two things should be distinguished. (Incidentally, the term ephebophilia was coined by Magnus Hirschfeld, an outspoken advocate of homosexuals, in 1906 to describe homosexual attraction to males between puberty and their early twenties.)

    3. You don't 'necessarily' agree with the professor? What do you mean exactly?

    4. If you want a discussion give your name - but in any case you are sealioning, which is tedious.

    5. No, I'm not sealioning you, I'm asking you questions about a topic that I'm particularly sensitive about since I'm a gay man myself and like all gay males I'm tired of people (mostly conservatives like yourself) hurling the pedophile accusation at us. And my name is Alexander.

      In any case, my questions seem to be answered by your other post on this topic. It is true that a lot more boys have been abused by priests than girls (and it's an interesting question why this is the case) but my initial point remains valid: a lot of heterosexual males show interest in girls in their early teens and nobody calls them pedophiles.

    6. Thank you for saying this. You are quite right. Men who fancy girls or boys of 14 or 15 are certainly not paedophiles and in France a man can marry a girl of 15. At Common Law (i.e. before 1880) men in England could marry girls of 12. I have no reason to suppose that there is a link between homosexuality and paedophilia. What a lot of conservative Catholic priests say is that the problem of child abuse by priests is largely about homosexual men being attracted to and interfering with boys in their early teens. That's not paedophilia but is pederasty. I think that is part of the reason for these horrible scandals. Not marrying is part of it too. But most men who interfere with children, and the ones I know of, were all married men with children of their own.
      I am not one of those (often American) conservatives who sees a link between paedophilia and homosexuality, nor do I want to victimise homosexuals in any way. But free speech is what matters to me.

    7. On further reflection, though I know of no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia, there is a long literary tradition of writers writing about and extolling pederasty, going from Plato to Verlaine, Gide and Wilde. Stephen Fry's one man play 'Latin', which I watched him perform in my first week at Cambridge, is the story of a man's love for a 13 year old boy whom he 'violates'.

      I know men often seduce much younger under-age girls, and remember Bill Wyman was envied for his 14 year old girlfriend, whom he married later, but there is not a similar literary tradition about this as far as I know.

      What this shows, if anything, I do not know.

    8. It seems that throughout history a lot of men, regardless of their sexual orientation (i.e. what gender they are attracted to when it comes to adults), have shown attraction towards adolescent boys (maybe the heterosexual ones that have this attraction could be described as bisexual-to-a-certain-extent). Up until my mid twenties I got hit on by straight adult me too, not just gay ones.

      As for your second post...are you telling me you haven't heard of Lolita by Nobokov?? Furthermore, as you say, in the past it was perfectly acceptable to marry a girl in her mid or even early teens so there was not much need to write a lot of 'forbbiden fruit' type of literature.

    9. I was thinking mostly of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.
      I had my bottom pinched by the famous retired footballer Danny Blanchflower, who was wearing a bottle green evening dress, when I was 19. I presumed he was attracted to boys. I cannot say the experience did me any harm.

  2. It really does seem like Ancient Greeks and Romans preferred young men over women.

  3. PS - And so do Catholic priests apparently.