Sunday, 2 June 2019

The way we live now

Marina Hyde’s politics are very different from mine. I think her views on most things are appalling, but unlike most left-wingers she is funny. She is very amusing here, discussing the Tory leadership election. She likens Mr Raab to a murderer trying to bury his wife's body out of sight, in a copse beyond the golf club. She thinks
Rory Stewart everyone’s favourite outsider. He is certainly to be commended for an absolute refusal to admit that the target voter in this particular election is a 73-year-old woman from Beaconsfield who wants to bring back hanging and describes Aids as “nature’s way”.
That said, the Tory membership are easily sophisticated enough to get that there are two kinds of class A drugs: the ones you take out of politeness 14 years before being appointed prisons minister, and the ones that get you sent to prison, where they’re just as easy to get hold of, unlike any sort of a job once you get out. Make sure you take the right kind, kids!
She is contemptuous of Esther McVay for taking the side of Muslim parents who do not want their FOUR YEAR-OLD children taught in state schools about homosexuality. 

Miss Hyde calls this 
the grimly regressive row about LGBT teaching.
Four year-olds?  Children should not know about sex until their parents tell them at an age certainly no younger than eight or nine. I hadn't heard of homosexuality till I learnt about it vaguely in the grammar school playground aged eleven, where I also heard my first four letter words. James Callaghan didn't learn about homosexuality till he was in his thirties and he was a sailor.

The only sex education we had at school was one 45 minute lesson at the age of 15 or 16 where we were told, very truly, that the best contraceptive is the word no. But now I begin to sound like an old fogey in an armchair in a club. That lesson seemed as archaic to us as it does to you, though now I see it differently.

All politics is really theological. The arguments over homosexuality and transgender are very obviously so. We are talking about the future of Christian civilisation and this matters as much to people who are not Christians as to those who are. 

Justine Greening, who was Secretary of State for Education and who resigned from the cabinet last year, has rebuked Miss McVay telling her 
You can't pick and choose on human rights and equality.
The present Conservative Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds has written to head teachers saying they are encouraged to teach children about LGBT issues. Heads should consult parents but reassured them that parents had no right to veto what was taught.

This is modern conservatism. 

I'd say it clearly shows England moving from being post-Christian to being anti-Christian and even anti-theist. 

But it also shows how authoritarian and ruthless the human rights ideology is. 

Conservatives are not supposed to like the word or concept equality, except in the sense of equality before the law which means fair trials and has no connection with other political uses of the word. But if we are to talk the French revolutionary language of human rights, where are the human rights of the parents or the children?

I remember England being forced to ban caning in schools in 1990 because the ECHR ruled that parents had a right not to let their children be caned. They do not, apparently, have a right to withdraw their children from classes where they are taught that something is morally neutral which is contrary to the tenets of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or (traditionally) Christianity or Judaism.

Gentle Romanian reader, years ago I met a British schoolmistress who told me she went around teaching children in Romania 'human rights lessons'. She told me, when I asked, that these included a lesson on homosexuality. I don't know how old the children were but I am sure parents were not allowed to have their children excused from it. 

Why does it matter? Partly because the state should keep out of people's lives and partly because, if modern liberal views on sex are right, neither the Orthodox nor the Catholic Church is the infallible guide to morals that they claim to be. And that, dear reader, is absolutely fundamental to the Catholic or Orthodox religion.

The same probably goes for Islam and Judaism, etc.

Or, in other words, modern liberalism is itself a religion and not one that can compromise with traditional religions.


  1. The way... I live now

    “The special trait making me an anarch is that I live in a world which I ‘ultimately’ do not take seriously. This increases my freedom; I serve as a temporary volunteer”

    Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil

  2. "There are periods of decline when the pattern fades to which our inmost life must conform. When we enter upon them we sway and lose our balance. From hollow joy we sink to leaden sorrow, and past and future acquire a new charm from our sense of loss. So we wander aimlessly in the irretrievable past or in distant Utopias; but the fleeting moment we cannot grasp."

    "So I swear to myself in the future to fall alone in freedom rather than to accompany the servants on the path to triumph."

    Ernst Jünger "Auf den Marmorklippen" ("On the Marble Cliffs," 1939)

  3. A West whose ethicists coolly contemplate infantile euthanasia, whose nations roll back their magnificent jurisprudence to make room for the atrocity of sharia, whose historians argue themselves out of the objective reality of human rights because they have lost faith in the numinous basis of those rights—such a West may not be heading for disaster as much as it is living in the midst of one, a comfortable and prosperous disaster to which our default atheism makes us blind, a dystopia in which we are increasingly happy and increasingly savage at the same time.

    It need not be so. Outside the Enlightenment Narrative, there is absolutely no reason to abandon the faith that created our civilization. The flowering of the Western mind took place under the Christian sun. The light that led us here can lead us on.

    Andrew Klavan

  4. I met a British schoolmistress who told me she went around teaching children in Romania 'human rights lessons'. She told me, when I asked, that these included a lesson on homosexuality. I don't know how old the children were but I am sure parents were not allowed to have their children excused from it.

    Human rights don't apply to everyone. Only to the right sort of people. Homosexuals have human rights. Parents don't. Christians don't either. And Nazis don't have human rights. If you question the homosexual agenda you are of course a Nazi.

    We live in a tolerant inclusive society. The only way to maintain a tolerant inclusive society is by rigid intolerance and by excluding all dissenters. In the modern world that's what being a Tory is all about.