Sunday, 22 September 2019

Today's British papers: Boris accused of corruption

Some very arresting stories in the papers today. 

Boris is accused of helping an attractive blonde friend to get public money from London while he was Mayor. This could be a scandal that brings him down if it can be made to stick, just as the Sidex scandal would have brought down Tony Blair if the evidence could have been found to do do. 

By the way No 10 did tell the British Embassy in Bucharest to help Mr Mittal, an Indian not a British subject, buy Sidex from the Romanian state after he had donated money to Labour. They intervened in another privatisation on his behalf later.

Boris begins to look like he could be another Rufus Isaacs. He survived the Marconi Scandal to become Lord Chief Justice, Viceroy of India and first Marquess of Reading. I wonder if Boris will be comparably lucky.

Michael Gove says the Conservative Party is finished if the UK does not leave the EU on 31 October.

I heard Jesse Phillips speak in the House on the Benn Bill and she was amazing. She is Labour, one of the 2015 intake and I expect I disagree with her on everything. I certainly do on insisting four year olds be taught about homosexuality regardless of their parents' wishes. But she is very captivating and, that nowadays much prized but very rare thing in politics, authentic. That's a quality that Boris is very good at faking.

She gets interviewed in the Sunday Times.

She says she swears like a trooper and admits to having tried almost every drug. What will happen about Brexit, the Sunday Times asks her.

“It’s literally like being in AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] at Westminster at the moment. You have to take each day as it comes.” Her money would go on Johnson getting a new deal by October 31, “and it will be Theresa May’s deal in a blond wig.”
I agree and this means a very bad deal, even if the Irish backstop somehow is removed. The fault for such a deal will lie with the MPs who prevented the Government leaving without a deal and therefore took away our bargaining card. Is such a deal better than not leaving? 

On balance probably, because a complete as opposed to partial victory for the Remainers would be disastrous for the whole world, but I am really not sure.

The Sunday Times mentions a poll by YouGov of 1,100 Labour Party members most of whom want to abolish the monarchy, abolish Britain’s borders and the nuclear deterrent, and support a general strike to bring down the government. They also blame Britain, rather than the IRA, for terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland and dislike the national anthem, are ashamed of Britain's history and think the accusations of antisemitism in the Labour Party are mostly invented by the media or Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents.

Labour Party members sound even worse than left-wing Anglican clergymen. A few years back I wanted us to scrap the bomb but now I want us to keep it and slowly get out of Nato or at least cut back on our contributions and not send any more troops abroad on foolish Nato interventions.


  1. One of the many puzzling things about the rise of David Cameron to power is that he seems to have no ability to learn from experience.

    He was in deep trouble with the Queen after his first boastful claim that she had been ‘purring’ down the phone after the Scottish referendum rejected independence.

    He said this only to make himself sound important. I should guess it must chill the marrow, and more than the marrow, to be on the receiving end of a personal rocket from the Palace.

    Now he has pretty much done exactly the same thing all over again. Is it possible that this oily nobody is, quite simply, thick?

    Peter Hitchens’ Mail on Sunday column

    1. Well said Hitchens! But no it is intelligent people who do the stupid things. Yes it is very bad of him indeed. No PM as far as i know was ever publicly rebuked by HM. And all to sell books the profits of which he donates to charity.

    2. it is intelligent people who do the stupid things.

      People with high IQs and a lot of education believe things that are so monumentally daft and absurd that no ordinary person would even consider believing.

      In a sane world people with university degrees would not be allowed to vote. Seriously. Intellectuals are responsible for most of the damage that has been done to our civilisation.

      That's why meritocracy is a bad idea.

    3. I think the writers down the ages who wrote against democracy have been proven wrong. The uneducated are more conservative than the clever people nowadays. It wasn't so in 1870 or 1914 or even in 1950.

    4. The uneducated are more conservative than the clever people nowadays. It wasn't so in 1870 or 1914 or even in 1950.

      The clever people nowadays are merely clever. Not wise, not intelligent, not perceptive, not profound, not curious, not willing to question, just clever in meaningless and superficial ways.

      We need to burn our education systems to the ground. For starters we need to get rid of all the Mickey Mouse disciplines in our universities - sociology, psychology, economics, political science, anthropology and everything with the word "Studies" in its title. We need to slash the numbers studying law. We need to reduce the number of university graduates by at least three-quarters.


    I consider myself a bohemian and like bohemians but Peter Hitchens makes good points. We are not the men our fathers were.

    1. " Naturally Christian, naturally filled with an inexpressible love of country, far too profound to be spoken of, they just got on with things. Yes, that was what they did. They got on with things."

  3. A few years back I wanted us to scrap the bomb but now I want us to keep it and slowly get out of Nato

    Britain will never leave NATO. IT would require defying the Americans.

    The problem with NATO is that it's an explicitly anti-Russian alliance. The answer to making NATO worthwhile is to admit the Russians.

    British Russophobia is quite bizarre.

    Is there any point in keeping Trident? Does Britain even control it? Could Britain ever use it without asking the Americans for permission?