Wednesday, 4 December 2019

There are plenty of people out there nasty enough to vote Tory


'When he was an eight year old, the fable goes, Boris Johnson declared his ambition to be “king of the world”. He won’t be far off it as he prepares for a five-year term in which he can wreak revenge on the EU, the courts, the Commons, the BBC, Channel 4 and anyone else. Be afraid.

'Tactical voting, the Remain Alliance, the youthquake, the remaining TV debates, Andrew Neil, Jeremy Corbyn’s superb campaigning skills, Lord Buckethead, Nigel Farage, the Russians - forget them. Even the brilliant Nicola Sturgeon, penned in up in Scotland.

'Progressives: Do not delude yourself. Do not entertain false hope. There are plenty of people out there nasty enough to vote Tory, and mean it. Even if you don’t know any.'

So writes Sean O'Grady in the Independent today. He bitterly regrets that, thanks to Jo Swinson agreeing to 'an unnecessary election', Brexit will now happen. 

It seems reasonable, since the people voted for Brexit, that it should happen. I wonder if he considers himself a democrat. 

Surprisingly, Mr O'Grady himself voted Leave. He now wants a second chance to vote because he has since changed his mind.

I grew up wondering how anyone could be so wicked as to vote for Labour, a party that existed to restrict freedom (restricting freedom of contract, for example, by employment and anti-discrimination laws) but, reader, I too went through a period of years when I wondered how any nice people could vote for Mrs Thatcher. I therefore would understand the mentality of Mr O' Grady, except that there is no excuse for considering Boris an economic or social conservative, let alone hard right.  

One thing the last three years has done is to make clear how anti-democratic the Left is. When they oppose populists what they oppose is democracy. They know this. Huge numbers of Remain voters on Facebook said as much on June 24, 2016.

Nadia Nomad@nadialanomadeIs it wrong of me to wish votes were public? As I go around wondering if every person I deal with on a daily basis is a Leaver and/or a Tory, I wish I just knew. 1/-
Nadia Nomad@nadialanomade
I could choose to give my custom to Remainer businesses, especially if Brexit does happen and we're all in the shit. I wouldn't want to support those who put us there. 2/-

Nadia Nomad@nadialanomade
And wouldn't it be brilliant to combine online dating services with a voter database, so you never end up on a blind date with someone who declares that they voted for that 'lovable buffoon' and you spit your wine out all over yourself. 3/-
Nadia Nomad@nadialanomade
I know all the reasons a secret ballot is important for democracy, I just sometimes wish people were actually held accountable for what they do in that voting booth. I think the results would be different if they couldn't deny responsibility later. /ends

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