Friday 8 November 2013

Today is St Michael and St Gabriel's Day in the Orthodox calendar


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King Michael celebrates his saint's day today. O good old man, how well in thee appears the constant service of the antique world. La mulţi ani, Majestate!

Some poet (a modern, was it Robert Graves?) wrote something about deposed kings with faces seen on much used coins, almost rubbed out, or something.

Today, along with their King, Romanians celebrate angels. Many happy returns of SS Michael and Gabriel's Day to your Majesty and all Mihaelas, Mihailas, Mihais, Gabriels and Gabrielas.

Like last year I have been too lazy to write anything but for details of Romanian traditions about this day click here. The Mihais, Mihailas and Gabis I spoke to had not heard of any of these traditions. But it is a joy to live in a country where saints' days are universally celebrated, even by atheists. Romania is in so many ways more civilised than England.

Archangels and angels are not given very much attention these days by the devout in post-Protestant countries like England or America (one exception is this book by Dr. Martin Israel), but in late antiquity they were very much venerated and still are by Romanians, who understand that religion is about the supernatural.


  1. Thanks for ptomoting good things of Romania! I hope you will become an example for romanians!

    Thanks for your greeting! I am decid to follow you on next trips!

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  2. Regardless of the fact that you are pro monarchies, do you agree that ex-king Michael is a bit of an attention seeker (I was tempted to use another word instead of seeker... it starts with the letter 'w')